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Pearl Harbor

  • Japan Gets Prepared To Strike.

    Japan Gets Prepared To Strike.
    The first wave of bomber flyers left around six in the morning. (6:10) They had only been around 235 miles from Pearl Harbor.
  • First Shot Is Fired.

    First Shot Is Fired.
    Around 6:45, the USS Ward fired on a Japanese submarine spotted towards the front of the entrance of Pearl Harbor.
  • Planes Arrived.

    Planes Arrived.
    The Japanese planes that had previously left earlier that morning had arrived in Oahu around 7 AM. The radar gave a warning that these planes were approaching but the operators pushed the news off.
  • First Attack.

    First Attack.
    Around 7:55, the planes had begun dropping torpedos and were given specific things they were told to target. Some of those things include battleships and the air station.
  • The Destruction of The USS Arizona.

    The Destruction of The USS Arizona.
    After causing chaos and panic in the base, at 8:06 AM, the USS Arizona was exploded. Over a thousand crew members lost their lives on this ship during this attack.
  • Second Attack.

    Second Attack.
    Almost an hour after the first attack, the Japanese pilots started to aim for different targets. Some included the fuel storage areas and the Navy Yard. This was all taking place at 8:53 AM.
  • After The Attack.

    After The Attack.
    The Pearl Harbor attack ended after two hours and killed over 2,000 Americans.
  • Japan Declares War.

    Japan Declares War.
    Japan declared war on the United States just a few hours before the attacks, they had also declared war on Great Britain. They wanted the message to be delivered thirty minutes prior to the attacks but it ended up being submitted a few hours after.
  • United States Declares War On Japan.

    United States Declares War On Japan.
    Shortly after the attacks on December 8th, FDR asked Congress to declare war.
  • Affects On Soldiers.

    Affects On Soldiers.
    Even a year after the attack, the remaining soldiers felt guilt and anger towards the events. There were many occurrences of soldiers that wrote home and were still bothered by it years after. This note inserted took place a year after the attack.