Peace locomotion

Peace, Locomotion Jayna M.

  • Exposition 1: Backround

    Exposition 1: Backround
    Two biologicly related sister and brother are seperated in to differrent foster homes.There mother and father died because of a fire.
  • Exposition 2: Setting

    Exposition 2: Setting
    This story takes place in the United States, speicificly in Broklyn, New York when it'was cold.This is during the school year.
  • Exposition 3: Characters

    Lonnie and Lill are the main characters.They are foster children in homes.
  • Conflict

    With a foster brother in the army and being away from his beloved sister, concepts have changed and know it has an unknown meaning
  • Rising Action: 1

    Rising Action: 1
    Lonnie cannot be with his sis ter ,Lily, because her foster mother dosen't take boys.
  • Rising Action: 2

    Rising Action: 2
    One of Lonnie's closest friends move to Florida, with a nice house with a pool.
  • Rising Action: 3

    Rising Action: 3
    After Lonnie loses his friend his teacher leaves, and then he got a new that is nicer and she encourages likes Lonnie's writting.
  • Rising Action: 4

    Rising Action: 4
    It's Lonnie's birthday and he is so so so excited to see his little sister Lily because he's been planning this from the begining of the year.But his day turns bad whenn he finds out that she won't be able to make it.
  • Rising Action: 5

    Rising Action: 5
    Jenkins is missing from the Iraq war and they know something bad happened bad to him.
  • Rising Action: 6

    Rising Action: 6
    Lilli callled her foster mother "mom" and that made Lonnie reaslly upset because that is not reallly thier mom or dad.
  • Climax

    Lonnie knew he had parents in heaven but he also knew he had some on earth.
  • Fallin Action: 1

    Fallin Action: 1
    Jenkins was found in deep sleep from the Iraq war , but he woke up.When Jenkins came back he only had one leg.But everyone was happy to see him.Lonnie and Jenkins grew a strong relationship together.
  • Falling Action: 2

    Falling Action: 2
    Lonnie and his friend is feeling better about his friend being gone. They do things to occupy themselves.
  • Falling Action: 3

    Falling Action: 3
    Lonnie is starting to see Lily more and more each week on Saturdays.
  • Resolution: 1

    Resolution: 1
    Lonnie's foster family is coming together to be a real family. Lonnie also realizes family can be anyone you love and not just realated by blood.
  • Resolution: 2

    Resolution: 2
    He figures out peace is what you make it.And he did it well.