Paul's Experiences

  • Period: to

    Maestro (Peter Goldsworth

  • After School in the Bike Shed

    This event where Jimmy Papas, aggresively lets Paul know that Megan the girl he has started to fall in love with is Scotty's girl. Here Paul keeps making an offensive comment to Jimmy just as he is about to leave him alone, until he had enough and physically attacks Paul. From this experience Paul as the new kid now knows who not to mess with as he now has learnt the hard way.
  • Who is He??

    This is when Paul sees at photo of a women and a child ontop of keller's piano, he wishes to know more about these two people and if they were his family but keller changes the subject. Paul and his parents try and find out more about keller and find out that he used to be teached by a famous maestro. As Paul and keller's relationship grows the more keller tells Paul about his past living in vienna.
  • Helps the Band

    in this experience Paul is practicing his music in the music room in front of rosie when Scotty, Reggie and Jimmy walk in to practice for their band. Paul insists that they play for him, as he listens he remembers everything that Keller has taught him how to play right down to the fingers. He then plays a piece on the keyboard for them thinking it would sound good with the other instruments. Suprisingly they think its good and ask Paul to teach them to play.
  • Helps the band 2

    He then teaches them to play the simplest pieces of music just like keller had made him do. he teaches them firstly without any instrument and goes through each finger just like keller had also done. for a group of guys like Jimmy, they should had reacted to Paul doing this, but however didnt because they trusted him because of how good his music sounded to them. This trust grows on the band as he continues to help them. They end up asking him to join their band.
  • It's My Future!!

    This is when Paul's parents are discussing his future with keller. Keller says that he is his best student and that they still have many things to work on to be at his pertential. However, Paul's parents are saying that they want him to move to Adelaide and practice his music down there at an arts school. Paul then interupts and says that he wishes to stay and learn from Keller, as its his future therefore his decission. His parents do not approve neither allow it.
  • My love isnt for you

    This is when Megan is driving paul to band practice and detours to have sexual experiences with him. Paul goes ahead with this as he previously dreamed of being with her. He then after realises what he had just done and feels bad as he then discovers his love for Rosie and that he never wants that to change even though he has the chance to be with megan. This shows throughout the rest of the book how strong the love is between Paul's and Rosie's relationship is.
  • Last lesson

    in this event Paul goes to do his last lesson with keller however keller begins to finally open up to paul about his past and talk about his wife and child. But Paul is meeting Rosie outside and she is waiting for him. After this whole time of Paul trying to get keller to open up, he finally does but Paul chooses to go with Rosie instead of listening to his stories.
  • Keller's family

    This is when Paul finds out what had happened to his wife and how he was murdered by the nazis. He also discovers how this destroyed Keller and mentallt he died. He therefore moves to Farwin to escape the past.
  • What a Waste

    This is where Paul as an adult reflects back on his life and sees it as a wasted ambition and how he never achieved a perfection in his music. It portrays the reader to feel sorrow for him as it has taken him that long to realise that never again time will move as slowly as it did.