• paul's second missionary journey

    Pauls second missionary journey included Antioch, Syria and Citrea, Derby, Lystra (Timothy joins), Phrygia and Galatia, Troas, Philippi, Thessalonica, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, Jerusalem and then back to Syria.
  • pauls return form jerusalam

    As Paul was returning back to Jerusalem from his latest missionary journey he was warned by four disciples not to return but he did anyway.
  • syrian antioch

    a man called Barnabus went to Tarus to look for Paul and then brought him to Antioch. He stayed there for a whole year. Barnabus and Paul met with the church and taught to large groups.
  • third missionary journey

    : Pauls third missionary journey included Phrygia and Galatia,Ephesus (he stayed there for two years), Macedonia, Corinth, Troas, Assos, Mitylene, Samos, Mitetus, Jerusalem, Caesarea, Malta.
  • arrest in jerusalam

    When Paul was teaching in the temple people started making a fuss and they eventually dragged him from the temple.
  • Imprisoned in caesarea

    After five days, Ananias the high priest, the elders and Tertullus, an orator, come to Caesarea to accuse Paul. After Tertullus’ oration, Paul is beckoned by Felix and gives his defence. Having heard the case against Paul, and his defence, Felix decides to wait to hear the testimony from the chief captain. In the meantime, orders are given for a centurion to take charge of Paul but to allow him his liberty and access to his acquaintances.
  • shipwreck voyage to rome

    Paul boards a ship then hits a storm, gets shipwrecked at malta, arrives in rome
  • first roman imprisonment

    when paul got to rome he was put in solitary confinment, he then called the chief of jews and claimed his innocence
  • release from roman imprisonment

    he preached in a rented house to all who came to him
  • 4th missionary journey

    he traveled to crete, miletus, colossae, troas, philipii, corinth, nicopolis to preach
  • including ministry on crete

    left titus in crete to keep order and appoint leaders
  • second roman imprisonment

    put in jail as an evil_doer< but he said that he was ready to die
  • trial and execution

    bible does not tell us about pauls death it only reads about him anticipating death in on aof his letters to timothy