• Exposition - Setting

    The frost is 600 below 0; it is thirty miles of a lonely trail in the North in January. The main character is trying to get to a mining camp at Henderson Creek.
  • Exposition - Characterization

    The man does not completely understand how cold it actually is and he does not pay attention to the fact that he is supposed to travel with another person. Traveling alone in the freezing north is not safe. He is young, has big muscles, is big-boned, has strong hands, and is stubborn.
  • Rising Action

    The main character’s mustache and lips begin to freeze.
  • Rising Action

    He admits that it is colder than he had imagined.
  • Rising Action

    The main character attempts to eat a biscuit and his hands begin to freeze.
  • Climax

    The main character steps in freezing water and attempts to build a fire to warm himself up and dry off his boots.
  • Falling Action

    The main character’s first match falls on the ground because of his inability to grasp it with his nerveless fingers.
  • Falling Action

    The character burns himself with a match and realizes that the pain is not as bad as dying.
  • Resolution

    The man realizes that he is not as strong and tough as he thought we was. He realizes that all of the work trying to survive is not worth dying in the cold. He lies in the snow and dies.