Oscar Wilde Timeline

  • Oscar Wilde was born.

    Oscar Wilde was born.
    Oscar Wilde was born October 16th, 1854
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  • Starts College

    Starts College
    Wilde enrolls at Trinity College in Dublin to study classics. He had top prize in the school in Greek.
  • Attends Oxford

    Attends Oxford
    Wilde is awarded a Berkeley Gold Medal and he earns a scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford. He then begins school at Oxford.
  • Graduates

    Wilde graduates from Oxford and is awarded the Newdigate Prize at Oxford, for his poem "Ravenna".
  • Poems Published

    Poems Published
    Wilde publishes his first book called "Poems".
  • Lectures in the U.K.

    Lectures in the U.K.
    Wilde does a lecture through England and writes his second play, The Dutchess of Padua.
  • First Play

    First Play
    Wilde produces his first play Vera in New York.
  • Marriage

    Wilde marries Constance Lloyd.
  • Son Born

    Son Born
    Thier first child, son Cyril, is born.
  • Second Son Born

    Second Son Born
    Second son, Vyvyan, is born.
  • Books Published

    Books Published
    Wilde publishes a book of short stories and essays explaining his thoughts on aestheticism. He also publishes his novel, The PIcture of Dorian Gray.
  • The Importance of Being Earnest

    The Importance of Being Earnest
    Wilde`s play The Importance of Being Earnest premieres in the Theatre of London. He and Lord Alfred Douglas are now lovers.
  • The Calling Card

    The Calling Card
    Queensberry leaves a calling card at Wilde`s home, saying "Oscar Wilde, posing somdomite" (homosexual). Wilde decides to sue Queensberry and that was a big mistake in his life.
  • Trial Begins

    Trial Begins
    The libel trial begins. The trial is more about Wilde`s conduct as a gay man. Lawyers grill Oscar on his relationships and he is immediately arrested on charges of gross indecency.
  • The Trials Begins

    The Trials Begins
    Wilde`s trial for indecency begins. Douglas leaves the contry and goes to France. Wilde`s wife takes his sons to Europe and changes thier last name. He never sees his sons again.
  • Sentenced

    Wilde is convicted of gross indecency and is sentenced to two years of hard labor. He is immediately sent to prison.
  • Mother Dies

    Mother Dies
    Wilde`s mother Francesca dies.
  • Released From Jail

    Released From Jail
    Wilde is released from Reading Gaol in poor health, he then goes to France, where he spends the rest of his life in exile.
  • Reunited With Douglas

    Reunited With Douglas
    Wilde and Douglas reunite in France but they soon separate.
  • Wife Dies

    Wife Dies
    Wilde`s wife dies at the age of 40 during spinal surgery.
  • Bapitized

    Wilde is bapitized into the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Oscar Wilde Dies

    Oscar Wilde Dies
    Wilde dies of meningitis in Paris at the age of 46. He is buried first in Cimitiere de Bagneaux, but his tomb is later moved to Paris` famed Pere Lachaise Cemetery.
  • Burial

    Wilde was first buries in Cimetiere de Bagneux but in 1909 his remains were moved to Pere Lashaise Cemetery. His ashes were placed in a compartment in the tomb in 1950.
  • Glass Shield

    Glass Shield
    Admires since 1999 kissed the tomb with lipstick and it wore down the stone. The tomb now has a glass shield to protect it.