Oscar-Claude Monet timeline

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  • Oscar-Claude Monet's birth

    Oscar-Claude Monet's birth
    Oscar-Claude Monet is born in Paris. His parents, Claude Adolphe and Louise Justine Aubrée, are merchants. Claude is the second son of the marriage. Some time later, the family moves to Le Havre, where Monet lives his childhood. Monet starts painting caricatures during school.
  • Monet leaves high school

    Monet leaves high school
    When Monet is seventeen years old, after his mum dies, he leaves high school and he goes to Paris to start studying art in the Académie Suisse. There he meets Camille Pissarro, who is also an artist.
  • He does the militar service

    He does the militar service
    He travels to Algeria to do the militar service for seven years. Monet returns to Le Havre in 1862 because of health problems. His painting style is born when he meets Eugène Boudin, a painter, in the city. Her aunt, Marie-Jeanne Lecadre, pays to the service so Monet won’t have to return to Algeria. He will continue his studies in Paris.
  • Claude studies in Charles Gleyre’s workshop

    Claude studies in Charles Gleyre’s workshop
    Claude studies in Charles Gleyre’s workshop until its closure in 1864 due to the owner’s ocular problems. During 1862, he meets artists such as Auguste Renoir who also studies there.
  • He sends his first works

    He sends his first works
    Monet sends his first works to the Paris Salon. They are received positively. He also meets Camille Doncieux, a nineteen year old girl who will become his girlfriend.
  • His economic problems start

    His economic problems start
    Monet sends "Women in the garden". It is criticized and rejected by Manet. During this time, the artist has economic problems. In 1868, he tries to suicide without success for this reason. Furthermore, Camille Doncieux is pregnant. Their son, Jean, is born on August 8th 1867. A few years later, on March 28th 1870, Camille and Monet get married.
  • Monet rents a house in Argenteuil

    Monet rents a house in Argenteuil
    Monet doesn’t want to go to the Franco-Prussian War, so the family goes to London for six months. On January 17th, the painter's father dies. Camille, Jean and Claude go to Zaandam (Holland) where their economy thrives thanks to the father inheritance and the French lessons that Camille teach. In the autumn of 1871, he rents a house in Argenteuil. He buys a boat and turns it into his floating workshop to visit the Sena river. He wants to represent the light effects and the colours of it.
  • Claude paints Impression Sunrise

    Claude paints Impression Sunrise
    In Le Havre, Monet paints "Impression Sunrise".
    The independent artists like Monet want to organize an exhibition to present their works without the Paris Salon influence.
  • The impressionists

    The impressionists
    The Société Anonyme Cooperative d'Artistres Paintres, Sculpteurs et Graveurs is founded. Boudin, Cèzanne, Renoir, Sisley Gautie, Pissarro and Monet are members of it. The group will be ironically and contemptuously called impressionists because of the title of Monet’s painting. This association will disappear in 1874.
  • Monet and Camille have their second son, Michel

    Monet and Camille have their second son, Michel
    The family is settled in Paris, where their second son, Michel, will be born. In September they will go to Vétheuil with the Hoschedé family, whose members are Ernest and his wife Alice, due to the difficult economic situation of both families. There will be a good friendship between Claude and Alice.
  • He changes his painting style

    He changes his painting style
    Camille’s health decreases and she dies on September 5th. Gradually, Monet stops painting figures and he focuses only on landscapes. He is interested in capturing the light of the same position during different moments of the day.
  • Claude lives in the norman coast

    Claude lives in the norman coast
    Since this date, Monet will live in diferent towns of the norman coast. He likes painting the Étretat cliffs and the sea.
  • Oscar-Claude moves to Giverny

    Oscar-Claude moves to Giverny
    In April, Monet leaves his house in Poissy because of his economy. He will move to Giverny with his sons and Alice. There, he will paint his most beautiful and famous artworks. Gradually, he is included in more exhibitions and his fame and fortune increase.
  • Monet paints haystacks' series

    Monet paints haystacks' series
    In the summer of 1888, he starts the haystacks’ series. The gains allow him to buy the house in which he lives in Giverny. From 1890, Monet’s paintings become more complex.
  • He gets married with Alice Hoschedé

    He gets married with Alice Hoschedé
    Monet and Alice get married on July 16th, one year after the death of Ernest Hoschedé. In February, he starts a series of the Rouen cathedral, in which he will be immersed until 1894. He will rent a house in front of it. Through the windows, he will paint the different effects of the light on the front door and towers.
  • The series of the London Parliament

    The series of the London Parliament
    From 1899 to 1901, Monet visits London in three occasions, in which he paints a series of the London Parliament. The topic of these paintings is the fog on the Thames. In the summer of 1900, an accident causes the temporary loss of the vision in one of his eyes.
  • Monet's wife dies

    Monet's wife dies
    Alice suffers a chronic disease and she dies two years later, on May 19th 1911. The loss will produce loneliness and pain to Monet.
  • Claude paints the water lilies' series

    Claude paints the water lilies' series
    Until the end of his life, Monet will be painting series of water lilies to give the pictures to the State. These are inspired by the Aquatic Park of Giverny.
  • He has vision problems

    He has vision problems
    Monet starts having vision problems in 1919. Four years later, he will have his cataracts operated.
  • Oscar-Claude Monet dies in Giverny

    Oscar-Claude Monet dies in Giverny
    Monet dies in his house of Giverny because of lung cancer.