Osama bin laden

  • Turning Point:Bin Laden Steps up to No.1

    Nov. 24 1989 was the day Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was assassinated; it was also the day when Osama bin laden became No.1. Azzam and his two sons died in their car, due to the explosion of a land mine. This was the second attempt in assassinating Azzam. During the first attempt, the bomb did not explode. The killers in this event have never been recognized. This is the main reason how Osama bin Laden came to be No. 1 of the jihadis.
  • Cause:Assassination of Azzam

    In 1989 Osama bin Laden stepped up and took the role as leader, one of the causes is the assassination of the former leader Sheikh Abdullah Azzam. Azzam and his two sons were on their way to the al-Falah Mosque, in Peshawar. When they hit a land mine. All passengers in the car were killed. It was the second attempt of his assassination. There have been many suspects in the assassination of which includes competing Islamic militia leaders: one of which is Bin Laden, the CIA, and the Israeli Mossa
  • Effect: World Trade Centre

    The attack on the World Trade Centre in 1993, was the first al-Qaeda attack on America. This event took place in lower Manhattan. The explosive was left in the parking garage underneath the world trade centre. The main electrical power line was cut off due to the bomb. Since the main power line was cut off, so was the emergency system. This caused the lives of six people and millions of other people were injured.
  • Effect: Embasy Bombings

    There have been many effects on the whole world after bin Laden rose to number 1. One of the effects was the attack of the United States embassy bombings in East Africa. The series of these attacks occurred on August 7, 1998 and took place in the capitals of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya. This event brought Osama bin Laden to the attention of the public for the very first time, and placed him on the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation ten most wanted fugitives list.