Origin and fundamentals of living things by Mariel Acevedo Ortiz

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  • Theory of spontaneous generation

    Theory  of spontaneous generation
    The primitive beings come from two branches,venereal treatment and degradation of matter and the most important they are both the same. This theory was said by Van Helmont he believed that if you put together sweat-stained underwear with wheat in a wide-mouthed container, after twenty-one days you will have rats instead of wheat.
  • Theory of the generation of insects

    Theory of the generation of insects
    This theory was against the theory of spontaneous generation.Francesco Redi proposed an experiment in wich he explain that the worms came from eggs laid by flies.So it mean it deny the believed that worms would only come out of rotting flesh.
  • Theory of spontaneous generation

    Theory of spontaneous generation
    Needham, John Turberville he was a defensor of the theory of spontaneous generation.He made an experiment with vegetable broth in witch he thought that if he boil the broth all the microorganism will be killed.He put them in containers.Some days later he saw that he broth had microorganisms.He got into the conclusion that the microorganisms were created on the broth and he supported the theory of spontaneous generation.
  • Theory of spontaneous generation

    Theory  of spontaneous generation
    Lazzaro Spallanzani did the same experiment as Needham but this time he close good the recipients in order that the living organisms don't develop witch make false the theory of spontaneous generation.It supposed that he destroyed the vital forced but just in the close recipients happened.
  • Theory of Louis Pasteur

    Theory of Louis Pasteur
    His idea was that all living things they came from a previous living being.His experiment consist in to put broth in flasks of very long necks making it difficult to the air to pass and for that reason the particles of dust.Proving that the organism that appears in the flasks that dint have long neck they came from the outside.
  • Theory of Stanley Miller

    Theory of Stanley Miller
    Miller was with the theory that the first form of life was formed by chemical reactions spontaneously.He wanted to explain the origin of life from a metabolic point of view he did his famous experiment he did a simulation of the quimical conditions in the primal Earth pretending to to check synthesis of organic compounds was spontaneous from simple molecules that were in the primordial terrestrial atmosphere.