Olympics and Political Conflicts

  • Berlin Olympics

    Berlin Olympics
    In the summer of 1936 a bit before HItler gained power, Hitler made it so that only Aryan athletes can compete for Germany. In response The U.S. played an African American athlete who cam home with some Gold.
  • Period: to

    Dates of Political Propaganda During The Olympics

  • Period: to

    No Olympic Games WWII In Progress

    No Olympics during WWII
  • 1st Olympics after WWII Held In London

    1st Olympics after WWII Held In London
    Germany and Japan were not invited to London because of their war-time roles, while the Soviet Union was invited but did not show up. It was the first Olympic games to be shown on television.
  • Cold War Olympics Helsinki

    Cold War Olympics Helsinki
    Marked the begining of the Cold war Tensions and Germany
    returned to the games.
  • 1st Olympics in Asia!

    1st Olympics in Asia!
    These Olympic games were the first to ever be hosted in an Asian country. The torch runner was a man who was born on the day Hiroshima was bombed!
  • Mexico City Olympics

    Mexico City Olympics
    1968 was a busy year: Europe was full of student protests, the Vietnam war was going on, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated. At the Olympics, East Germany competed separately for the first time. Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who finished first and third in the 200 metres, gave the Black Power salute during the national anthem as a protest against racism in the US.
  • Attack at Olympic Games

    Attack at Olympic Games
    The Munich Games were meant to represent peace, but are most often remembered for the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of 11 Israeli athletes.
  • Moscow Olympics With the Least Amount of Nations Ever Competing

    Moscow Olympics With the Least Amount of Nations Ever Competing
    With an American led boycot the number of nations competing in the games went down from 120 to 80.
  • NO BOYCOTS! Seoul

    NO BOYCOTS! Seoul
    This was one of few Olympic games where there was no organized boycot lead by any country!
  • Barcelona Games

    Barcelona Games
    1st games to allow South Africa to compete since their 32 year ban.
  • Olympics Return To Athens

    The Olympics return to their Greek home of origin Athens!
  • Beijing Olympic Games

    Beijing Olympic Games
    The games in Beijing were a big deal because many countries thought that having the games there would give support to the oppressive regime.
  • Sochi Games and Gayss

    Sochi Games and Gayss
    Russia had recently made laws against gays and it has sprung up a number of resonses. For example the U.S. played 3 gay athletes!