• 1st Modernized Olympics

    1st Modernized Olympics
    The 1st modernized olympics was hosted by King Georgios I of Greece in front of a crowd of 60,000 spectators. There was athletes from 13 nations to compete
  • Olympic Glory

    Olympic Glory
    GOLD Edwin Flack, AUS 4:33.2
    SILVER Arthur Blake, USA 4:34.0
    BRONZE Albin Lermusiaux, FRA 4:36.0
  • Olympics going strong

    Olympics going strong
    GOLD James Lightbody, USA 4:05.4
    SILVER William Verner, USA 4:06.8
    BRONZE Lacey Heam, USA N/A
  • Olympics Becoming a World Wide Event

    Olympics Becoming a World Wide Event
    GOLD Mel Sheppard, USA 4:03.4
    SILVER Harold Wilson, GBR 4:03.6
    BRONZE Norman Hallows, GBR 4:04.0
  • Olympics Keeps Going

    Olympics Keeps Going
    GOLD Arnold Jackson, GBR 3:56.8
    SILVER Abel Kiviat, USA 3:56.9
    BRONZE Norman Taber, USA 3:56.9
  • Olympics cancelled

    Olympics cancelled
    The olympics were cancelled due to World War 1
  • 1st Successful Olympic Games

    1st Successful Olympic Games
    In 1924, the first successful Olympic games were held in Paris which involved more than 3,000 athletes including over than 100 women from 44 different nations
  • Olympics Cancelled Again

    Olympics Cancelled Again
    olympics gets cancelled again due to World War II
  • Olympics Keeps Going Strong

    Olympics Keeps Going Strong
    GOLD Kip Keino, KEN 3:34.91
    SILVER Jim Ryan, USA 3:37.89
    BRONZE Bodo Tümmler, FRG 3:39.08
  • Olympics continue

    Olympics continue
    GOLD Charles Bennett, GBR 4:06.2
    SILVER Henri Deloge, FRA 4:07.2
    BRONZE John Bray, USA 4:10.0
  • Olympic games continue

    Olympic games continue
    They have another successful year.
  • Most Recent Olympics

    Most Recent Olympics
    GOLD Taoufik Makhloufi, ALG, 3:34.08
    SILVER Leonel Manzano, USA, 3:34.79
    BRONZE Abdalaati Iguider, MAR, 3:35.13
  • Olympics Getting Popular

    Olympics Getting Popular
    GOLD – James LIghtbody, USA 4:12.0
    SILVER John McGough, GBR 4:12.6
    BRONZE Kristian Hellström, SWE 4:13.4