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Olympic History

By BHunter
  • First Modern Olympics

    First Modern Olympics
    Athens, Greece, 1896
  • 1900 Olympic Games, Paris

    1900 Olympic Games, Paris
    Women allowed to participate for the first time.
  • 1904 St Louis

    1904 St Louis
    These were the first modern Olympic Games, where gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded for first, second and third prize respectively.
  • 1908, London

    1908, London
    Athletes from 22 nations represented their respective countries at the Olympic Games.
  • 1912, Stockholm

    1912, Stockholm
    At these games, for the first time competitors came from all five continents symbolized in the Olympic rings.
  • 1920, Antwerp

    1920, Antwerp
    The Olympic Games at Antwerp, Belgium had several firsts. For the first time the Olympic oath was uttered, the Olympic flag hoisted and doves released to symbolize peace.