oliver goldsmith

Timeline created by kvlach
  • birthday

    He was born on November 10th 1730 to a poor family.
  • school

    In 1749 he barely got his degree in B.A.
  • became dean

    became dean
    In 1756 he became a junior schoolmaster at Peckham in London.
  • everything broken

    everything broken
    Oliver Goldsmiths dreams were all shattered because of all the terrible gambling problems.
  • writes newspapers

    writes newspapers
    In 1760 he must have straightened things out because he started to publish the citizen of the world in The Public Ledger.
  • he starts writing

    he starts writing
    He is writing one of his greatest books, The Traveler.
  • writes another book

    writes another book
    In the 1760's he starts to get things straghtened out alot and writes more books like The Vicar of Wakefield.
  • brother dies

    brother dies
    while Oliver was writing poems and books one day his brother died.
  • wrote another book

    wrote another book
    In 1768 he is thinking and thinking and comes up with The Good Natured Man.
  • and yet another poem

    and yet another poem
    In 1770 he wrote probably his most famous poem witch was The Deserted Vilage.
  • writes his last book

    writes his last book
    Before he died a year later he wrote another famous book witch was called She Stoops to Conquer.
  • dies young

    dies young
    After writing his last book witch was a hit he started getting very tired and he was pushing his body to the limit and he finally just couldn't take it and died.
  • Period: to

    Dr. Oliver Goldsmith

  • Period: to

    oliver goldsmith