Of Mice and Men

Timeline created by darianm
  • Night at the River

    George and Lennie spend the night at the river for the first night. They talk about Lennie petting soft things and George catches him with a mouse and gets mad at him for it
  • Work at the Farm

    George and Lennie go to their job at thefarm. before that, George told Lennie to go to back to the river where they spent the night before if he gets in trouble
  • Meet Curley and Candy

    Lennie and George meet Curliy and Candy when they get to the ranch
  • Lennie Hurts Curley

    Curley picked a fight with Lennie and he broke his hand in defense, but he didn't mean no harm
  • Candy's dog executed

    Carlson shoots Candy's dog due to old age
  • George and Lennie's secret out

    Candy hears about their plan of buying a farm and wants in on it, he will help purchase it
  • Lennie has a conversation with Crooks

    They talk and Candy and Curley's wife end up in his room with him
  • Lennie Kills Curley's Wife

    She wanted him to touch her hair and then he wouldn't let go and she freaked out so that made Lennie panic and accidentally kill her
  • Curley gets a search party

    Lennie went to the hiding spot that George told him to go to if he ever got in trouble, and Curley gets a search party to kill him
  • George kills Lennie

    George killed Lennie before the other men could, I don't think he wanted to but he couldn't take care of him anymore