Odd Thomas

  • Meet Penny Kallisto

    Meet Penny Kallisto
    Penny was 12 years old when she died. She waits for Odd everyday at the foot of his apartment. She is the one who warns Odd about Harlo.
  • Odd finds out about Harlo

    Penny holds Odd's hand and is able to show him how she died. Odd now knows it was Harlo who had raped and killed her. Odd goes chasing Harlo and is able to get him captured by the police. Penny is then able to move on from this world now that her killer is known.
  • Bodachs

    Bodachs are shadows. Their shape is liquid and their movement is soundless. They like to lurk around people and places, and feed off of the bad energy. "Often they slink like cats, though cats as big as men. At times they run semi-erect like dream creatures that are half man, half dog." (Koontz 37)
  • Meet Fungas Man

    Meet Fungas Man
    Fungas Man walks into the grille one day and is surrounded by bodachs. He looks very sickly and is a psychopath that plans on doing horrible things. He is now a ghost and is following Odd. "...this newcomer remained as pale as bead dough. Across his skull spread short, sour-yellow hair furier than yeasty mold." (Koontz 43)
  • The Dark Room/Office Room

    The Dark Room/Office Room
    Odd follows Fungas Man home one day and sneaks into his house to snoop. He finds a dark room and soon discovers it is a time machine. He tries to go back in but it has transformed into Fungas Man's office where he discovers all of his research on serial killers and terrorists. He also finds some checks that say his actaul name on them, Bob Robertson.
  • Cow explosion

    Cow explosion
    Odd gets a strange call form Little Ozzie who says his cow has exploded. Odd goes to check it out and finds that his cow did infact explode for an unknown reason. As he walks inside Ozzie's house and looks out the window he sees Fungas Man (without bodachs) staring right back at him.
  • The Nightmare

    The Nightmare
    Odd and Stormy go on a date and stop by the bowling ally where he tells Stormy about a dream he has been having where everyone wearing green shirts and khaikies while gettting shot at. He remembers a specific girl who had a bullet hole right through her head. The bowling alley employees just so happened to change their uniforms to green shirts and khaikies just like the dream which worries Odd and Stormy.
  • Fungas Man dead?

    Odd walks home from his date with Stormy and finds Fungas Man, or Bob Robertson, dead in his bathtub. He also finds a gun on his floor so he assumes it was a suicide. Odd hasn't been home all day so he doesn't know how long Odd has been dead. He thinks he could have been dead the whole time he was following him. He is also worried that someone may accuse Odd of killing him.
  • Chief Porter shot

    Chief Porter was shot 3 times in the chest and once in the head when he awoke to a call one night. He went to his door and opened it up expecting whoever was on the phone to be there and it was then that he was shot on his porch. He is alive though, and was held in the ICU until fully recovered.
  • Father of Lies

    Odd is looking through Fungas Man's wallet and finds a meditation card with Braille on it. He soon finds out it reads "Father of Lies", a phrase used to refer to Satan.
  • Odd is in the clear

    Police say they heard a gun shot and searched Odd's apartment. Odd is thankful he moved the body when he did because the police found nothing.
  • Return to Fungas Man's House

    Return to Fungas Man's House
    Odd returns to Fungas Man's house and finds required eqipment for a Satan worshiper. He then looks through the fridge and finds containers holding various body parts labeled with the names of each victum. "In addition, the compartment held about ten opaque Rubbermaid containers with red lids, the shape and the size in which to store leftover deep-dish lasagna." (Koontz 343)
  • Poltergeist

    When Fungas Man died he became a poltergeist and began to follow Odd. He followed him into his house and attacked Odd. Odd was able to avoid every attack except for a fork which stabbed his forhead.
  • Odd's mother is sick

    Odd's mother is sick as in she has some sort of pshycological problem. When Odd goes to visit her, her mood suddenly changed from happy to extremely angery toward Odd. She accuses Odd of sucking her strength away and tells him that she wishes that she had an abortion. She holds a gun to her head and tells Odd that he is making her commit suicide with his needs. Despite his mother's obvious need of help Odd leaves her and drives away.
  • F.O.L.

    Odd goes to examine Fungas Man's body and finds a tattoo that spells F.O.L.. Odd assumes it must be an acronym for Father of Lies, the same phrase written on his meditation card.
  • The Green Moon Mall Shooting

    The Green Moon Mall Shooting
    Odd makes his way to the promenade section of the mall where he finds Varner. Varner begins to shoot and chaios spreads in the mall. Odd grabbed his pistol and killed Varney.
  • Odd is shot

    Odd is shot
    Odd dismantles a bomb, but was shot many times in the back by another shooter. He wakes up in the hospital and is taken to ICU. He is visited by all his friends including Stormy whom he is happy is alive. Odd makes a fast recovery and is now living with Stormy, avoiding the reporters,in her apartment.
  • Odd is crazy and Stormy is dead

    Odd is crazy and Stormy is dead
    Odd is visited by his friends who inform him that Stormy is dead and that it's time to movie on. At first he is confused becasue he was just eating breakfast with her and was looking at her right now. He then realizes that she was killed in the shooting and had been dead all this time. He was having conversations with her but it was him that was talking for her. He accepts the fact that he has to let her go and gives her one final goodbye before she moves on.