Obama's Life

  • Being Born.

    Being Born.
    Barack Obama was born.
  • Divorcing

    Obama's parents got divorced.
  • Obama's Sister

    Obama's Sister
    Obama's Sister was born in Indonesia.
  • Moving

    Obama moved back to Hawaii to live with his parents because of his education and safety.
  • Father

    Obama heard about his dad passing away at the age of 22.
  • Michelle Robinson

    Michelle Robinson
    Obama met Michelle Robinson.
  • Malia Obama

    Malia Obama
    Malia Obama was born and she is the older sister.
  • Sasha Obama

    Sasha Obama
    Sasha Obama was born as the youngest of the family.
  • Winning

    Obama beat Mccain in the election.
  • Being the President

    Being the President
    Obama officially became the 44th first African-American president.