Obamas Life

By franci
  • Barack Obamas Birth

    Barack Obamas Birth
    Barack Obama was born On August, 4 , 1961 . He was born in Hawaii.
  • Oct , 1982

    Oct , 1982
    Obamas father dies in a car crash. It was important because it affected Barack Obama. For two years he was very sad.
  • 1983 Barack Obama graduates

    1983 Barack Obama graduates
    Barack Obama graduated from college. He earned a degree in Political Science. This was the start of his career in Politics.
  • Barack Obama in College

    Barack Obama in College
    Barack Obama was accepted to Harvard University. He starts showing his new political interests.
  • Marriage

    Barack Obama gets married to Michelle on October ,1992. She will help him maintain a life style and be someone to support him.
  • Malia

    Barack Obama's daughter Malia is born on July , 4, 1998. She became President Obama's first daughter.
  • Congress

    Barack Obama decided to run for the US congress in the 2000 election.He began compaigning for a seat in 1999.
  • Natasha

    On June , 10 2001 Barack Obamas second daughter was born.She then became President Barack Obama's 2nd daughter.
  • 44th President

    44th President
    On Jan 20 , 2009 President Barack Obama became the 44th president. He was the 1st African American American in our country's history.
  • Toot

    On Nov 2,2009 Toot died from cancer. He lived his whole life with her and was sad at his grandmother's death.