• Meeting Sarny

    Sarny lives on a plantation that is owned by a person named Waller. She lives in a very small building with a lot of other slaves.
  • First Sight of NIghtJohn

    Sarny sees a new slave that is coming in. He had scars all over his body and he was naked. His name was John.
  • John Offers To Teach Sarny How To Read and Write

    One night, John offers to teach Sarny how to read and write. In the first night, Sarny learned the letter A and the sounds of it.
  • Waller Finds Out What Sarny and John Are Doing

    One night, Sarny was walking around and writing the word BAG in the dirt and Waller saw her. Waller yelled at Sarny and he wanted to know who taught her to read and write. He chained Mammy to the springhouse and at the end of the day, he whipped her and made her drag him around in a carraige. John confessed and he lost his two middle toes.
  • John Takes Sarny To a Special Place

    John ran away and he returned. When he returned, he took Sarny away and they went in the woods and went to this secret location. It was a school with other slaves in it.