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Niels Bohr (1885-1962)

By RnbwUni
  • Atomic Model

    Atomic Model
    In 1913, Niels Bohr was published in Philosophical Magazine for his theoretical work on the absorption of alpha rays. After this, he went on to study the structure of atoms, eventually producing his own atomic model. This led to Bohr working on the Manhattan Project.
  • Liquid Droplet Theory

    Liquid Droplet Theory
    In 1914, Bohr proposed a new theory regarding the atom. The theory was basically that splitting a nucleus would mimic molecules of a drop of liquid splitting apart. in 1929 George Gamow formulated a model to test the theory, and in 1938 a pair of Australian physicists used it to explain nuclear fission. Link text
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  • Bohr vs. Einstein

    Bohr vs. Einstein
    The Solvey Conference in 1927 hosted a great standoff between two of the most brilliant minds in history. Bohr and Einstein argued over who's theory regarding Quantum Mechanics was correct and it was a huge moment in the world of physics and philosophy. Attached is a video with more information! I found it both educational and hilarious.
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  • Complementarity

    In 1927, Bohr announced his theory of Complementarity. Bohr explained it better than i could: “In a situation where the wave aspect of a system is revealed, its particle aspect is concealed; and, in a situation where the particle aspect is revealed, its wave aspect is concealed. Revealing both simultaneously is impossible; the wave and particle aspects are complementary.”