Niels Bohr 10/07/1885-11/18/1962

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  • Niels Bohr The First Big Contribution

    Niels Bohr's work in philosophy comes down to his groundbreaking theory involving atomic structures and radiation emission somewhere between 1920 and 1922. I say between there because 1920 he developed the department of Theoretical Physics for the Manchester Victoria University, while in 1922 he won the Noble Prize in physics for his theory. Amazingly enough his theory spark famous arguments with the Albert Einstein
  • Niels Bohr and Italian Conference and Collaborations

    Later in 1927 he presented his idea of complementarity at the Italian conference, it was also around that time that he worked with Werner Heisenberg and other scientist on a connected topic of new quantum mechanics and principles.
  • Niels Bohr and the Manhattan Project

    Further in his life Hitler was rising to power in 1933 and Bohr readily offered up his institute in Copenhagen to German/Jewish physicists. Unfortunately once Hitler had influenced Denmark, Bohr sent everyone but his son to Sweden while him and his son fled to the United States. In a strange way, Bohr fleeing Europe to the U.S. helped him gather credit for himself since around 1941 he was working with the Manhattan Project to create the first atomic bomb from Los Amos, New Mexico.
  • Niels Bohr The Last Big Contribution

    After World War II and the atomic bomb Bohr was rather disturbed by the amount of power that could be held in the wrong hands and in war from then on. So, in 1954 he started to arrange the first conference for atomic peace and responsibility, which would come to be called Atoms of Peace Conference in 1955. This, the last great contribution. He won a award called the Atoms for Peace after his contributions in theories and his efforts to use atomic energy responsibly in 1957.