Niels Bohr

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  • Niels Bohr: Early Life

    Niels Bohr was a danish philosopher who was born on 7 October 1885 and died on 18 November 1962 - both in Copenhagen. Bohr was best known for his contribution to Physics and the quantum theory.
  • Niel Bohr: Bohr Model

    Niel Bohr: Bohr Model
    Bohr proposed what would later be known as the Bohr Model. This was based off Ernest Rutherford’s Model which shows the structure of an atom.
  • Niel Bohr: Nobel Prize

    Niel Bohr was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics due to his contributions to the quantum theory regaurding electrons.
  • Niel Bohr: Liquid Drop Model

    Niel Bohr: Liquid Drop Model
    Bohr worked with John Wheeler and developed the Liquid Drop Model which played a vital role in understanding nuclear fission