New Mexico great depression

  • The great depression starts

    The great depression started and thousands of banks closed people had lost money.
  • The stock market crashes

    The stock market crashes and many people are jobless
  • 2.3 million jobless

    by march 1930 more than 2.3 million people are jobless
  • apples

    people would sell apple on the side of the street for 5 cents each
  • Food riots

    in febuary 1931 food riots broke out
  • Ford company

    Three thousand unimployed men marched onto Ford company and men injured guards
  • bank collapes

    the bank of the united states collapesed
  • Finance

    congress made a reconsruction of the finance
  • dependent

    more than 750000 people are dependent upon citys
  • veterans

    more than 300 world war 1 veterans leave portland
  • pay

    determined to get there pay more than 25,000 veterans go to the white houseto get there pay
  • industres fall

    by the year 1933 industres had fallen and people are home less.