New Deal Timeline

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    New Deal

  • "Bank Holiday"

    All banking transactions stop and embargo on exportation of gold, silver, and currency. Summons Congress to special session for March 9. Recovery
  • Hundred Days Session/ Emergancy Banking Act

    This first day Congress passes the Emergency Banking Act, giving FDR broad powers over banks and foreign exchange. Bank holiday ends March 10--banks can reopen when they prove that they are solvent. Within three days, 1000 banks will reopen and national confidence picks up. Recovery
  • Reforestation Relief Act/ CCC

    provides work immediately for 250,000 young men (18-25) in reforestation, road construction and developing national parks. Work camps begin to spring up. By the time it eases in 1941, two million people have worked on its projects. Relief
  • Federal Emergency Relief Act

    authorizes immediate grants to states for relief projects. Unemployment has reached 14 million-over one quarter of the nation's work force. Relief
  • Federal Securities Act

    monitor and regulate stocks and bonds. Reform
  • Farm Mortgage Refinancing Act

    assist farmers in refinancing their mortgages. Reform
  • Securities Exchange Act

    establishing the SEC to regulate security transactions. First chairman is Joseph Kennedy. Reform
  • Emergency Relief Appropriation Act

    authorizing almost five billion for immediate relief and increased employment on "useful projects," one of which is the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Relief
  • Resettlement Administration (RA)

    help farm families relocate and furnish them with loans and new projects. Recovery
  • Rural Electrification Administration

    help bring electricity to areas previously where it was previously unavailable. Reform
  • National labor Relations Act (Wagner-Connery).

    Upheld as constitutional by Supreme Court in March 1937. Recovery
  • Social Security Act

    guaranteeing pensions to those retiring at 65 with contributions from both employees and employers. Also provides financial aid to dependent children and blind people and establishes a system of unemployment insurance. Recovery
  • Revenue Act

    increasing taxes on inheritances, gifts and higher income individuals
  • Supreme Court Retirement Act

    which simply permits Supreme Court Justices to retire at 70 with full pay. Recovery
  • Judicial Procedure Reform Act

    compromise on his original reorganization plan. Reform