New Deal

  • Federal Desposit Insurance Corporation

    Provided deposit insurance, that would insure deposits up to a certain amount of money ($1000 at the time). (reform)
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    New Deal

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  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission

    Helps enforce federal security laws and the nation's stock exchange. (reform)
  • National Recovery Administration

    Reduced "destructive competition" and helped bring the economy back to prosperity. (reform)
  • Economy Act

    Cut salary of gov. employees and veterans to reduce the federal budget. (recovery)
  • Repeal of Prohibition

    FDR repealed the ammendment that banned the sale of alcoholic beverages. (reform)
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act

    Restricted production of agricultural goods by paying farmers not to plant parts of their land. (recovery)
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    Helped with economic development in Tennesse, toppled electric giants, forcing better prices for the customers. (reform/relief/recovery)
  • Federal Housing Administration

    Insured loans made by banks and other lenders for home buying purposes. Helped improve housing standards and conditions.
  • Social Security Act

    Helped give old/disabled/government-supported peoples better social welfare support. (relief/reform)
  • Farm Security Administration

    Efforts to improve the lifestyle of sharecroppers, tenants, very poor landowning farmers, and a program to purchase small land owned by poor farmers and resettle them in group farms on land more suitable for efficient farming. (recovery, relief)
  • Wagner Act

    It helped labor unions gain more power (reform/recovery)
  • United States Housing Authority

    Helped lend money for low-cost construction projects during the GD. (recovery)
  • Federal Crop Inusrance Corporation

    provides farmers and agricultural groups/companies crop protection insurance (reform),
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

    This established a national minimum wage and prohibited labor abuse from using children or other methods. (reform)
  • Works Progress Administration

    Employed millions of workers for publicly funded construction projects. (relief/recover/reform). This is a randomly chosen date at the peak of the administration.