Natural Disasters

  • 74 BCE

    Mount Vesuvius

    Mount Vesuvius
    •The eruption cause 1,000 to lose their lives. Mount Vesuvius is the only volcano in the European mainland that has erupted in the last hundred years
  • Valdivia earthquake

    Valdivia earthquake
    The Valdivia is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. Studies show it was a 9.4- 9.6 on the magnitude scale.
  • Great Alaskan earthquake

    Great Alaskan earthquake
    The damage to structures are 311 million dollars. The 9.2 magnitude was the most powerful earthquake in north American history.
  • Indian Ocean earthquake

    Indian Ocean earthquake
    The scale of the earthquake was 9.1-9.3. 230,000- 280,000 dead.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    The hurricane cost 108 billion in damages. The storm killed 1,245- 1,836.
  • Haiti earthquake

    Haiti earthquake
    An estimated of 3 million were affected. It was measured to be 7.0 on the magnitude.
  • Chile earthquake

    Chile earthquake
    It had the magnitude of 8.8 being fifth ranked ever recorded by a seismograph. It could be strongly felt in the Chilean region
  • Pakistan flood

    Pakistan flood
    The flood affect the Indus river basin and four other region in Pakistan. Damages to structures were estimated 4 billion dollars
  • Tohoku Tsunami

    Tohoku Tsunami
    The earthquake triggered a tsunami that was 133FT. 15,849 dead, 6,152 injured. 2,562 missing.
  • Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy
    The hurricane killed 285. It was the deadliest hurricane in the 2012 hurricane season.