Nate Smith- Famous Dead Guys

Timeline created by nathanael.smith
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    Thales of Miletus 600 BC

    Believed everything was made of water
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    Democritus 400BC

    Believed that matter could be divided into smaller and smaller pieces until the smallest piece was reached, the atom. First think of the atom
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    Aristotle 400 BC

    Believed that everything was made of water, fire, earth, or air.
    His ideas were more accepted than Democritus'
  • Isaac Newton

    Believed that Democritus' ideas were correct
  • John Dalton

    performed expirements
    Theory of matter
    atoms are indivisible and indestructible
    atoms of the same element are identical
    different elelments have different atoms
    different elements combine to make compounds
    atoms cannot be created or destroyed
  • Antoine Becquerel

    Discovered radioactivity
    4 expirements "uranium expirements"
  • JJ Thomson

    Discoverd the electron
    Cathode ray tube expirement
    Plum pudding model
  • Robert Milikan

    Find charge and mass of electron
    oil drop expirement
  • Rutherford

    Discovered nucleus and protons
    Gold foil expirement
  • Niels Bohr

    Discovered electrons path
    Bohr Model
  • Francis Aston

    Discovered isotopes
    mass spectograph
  • Erwin Shrodinger

    Model predicted electron's position
    electron cloud
  • James Chadwick

    Discovered the neutron