Napoleon timeline

  • Banque de France (green)

    Banque de France (green)
    He felt like this was a huge accomplishment
  • Egyptian campaign (red)

    Egyptian campaign (red)
    Lost by a landslide
  • Consulate (green)

    Consulate (green)
    He made himself the first consulate and loved succeeding
  • Concordat of 1801(green)

    Concordat of 1801(green)
    It was an agreement both sides wanted and civilians wanted.
  • Consul for life (green)

    Consul for life (green)
    He wanted to make himself stand out and that’s what he did
  • Declared himself emperor (green)

    Declared himself emperor (green)
    He felt being an emperor was so much grater than being a king because emperors are remembered and change things
  • Napoleonic code (yellow)

    Napoleonic code (yellow)
    A lot of people were unhappy with it but it was one of his accomplishments
  • Battle of trafalgar (red)

    Battle of trafalgar (red)
    They had been defeated tremendously
  • Continental system (red)

    Continental system (red)
  • Abolished Holy Roman Empire (green)

    Abolished Holy Roman Empire (green)
    He felt it was necessary and that it was a good thing to do
  • Resistance of Spain (red)

    Resistance of Spain (red)
    He didn’t expect it and it caused a lot of backlash on him
  • Invasion of Russia (red)

    Invasion of Russia (red)
    Russia was grand and smart they led them into Russia and many people were murdered when trying to retreat
  • Battle of nations at Leipzig (red)

    Battle of nations at Leipzig (red)
    they lost yet again
  • Hundred days (red)

    Hundred days (red)
    Ended up Ensuring the restoration of Louis to the French throne
  • Waterloo (red)

    Waterloo (red)
    Lost this battle
  • Abdication (red)

    Abdication (red)
    He only did this so his son would get the throne and he could still make all the decisions but instead louis was throned
  • Italian campaign (green)

    Italian campaign (green)
    It was very successful