My Side of the Mountain dates

  • Sam runs away from home

    Sam runs away from New York City and heads out in the wilderness because he didn't want to be dependent.
  • Sam's tree house is finished

    The size of the tree house is six feet in diameter. He has a bed, a fireplace with a chimney, and a lamp made out of a turtle's shell.
  • Sam meets the strawberry lady

    Sam meets an old lady who was picking strawberries while on the way to go to the library.
  • Sam finished his bed

    Sam finished his bed. But he still needed some deerhide for it. So he plans to make a four-figure trap to catch one.
  • Sam makes a pit trap

    Sam is deciding to make a pit trap to catch his deer. He digs a hole with a shovel he made.
  • Frightful will hop from stump to fist

    Frightful hops from a tree stump to his fist. She can't fly yet. Sam thinks Frightful likes him.
  • Bando and Sam found clay.

    The raft Bando was building was almost done. Bando was going to stay until they could sail out into the deep fishing holes. They also founnd clay. Bando turned it into jars and lids for the blueberry jam he was making.
  • Bando met The Baron Weasel for the first time.

    It was a hot day. Bando and Sam ate the jam on acorn panckes. Later, Bando met The Baron Weasel, and said "he liked The Baron better when he was in his hole."
  • Bando make willow whistles

    Bando and Sam finds two fat twigs and teaches Sam how to turn them into willow whistles. They played songs until the moon rose up.They also played "The Young Voyager". It even made them cry because of how sad it was.
  • Changing to winter

    Sam notices that fall is changing to winter. Baron's fur is changing, the squirrels storing food, Jessie C. James fattened up.
  • Sam gathers nuts

    He saw the squirrels gathering nuts. Thinking he must gather them too.
  • Sam had a Halloween party

    Sam had a Halloween party with the animals.
  • "Wild Boy" article

    An article in the newspaper talks about a "wild boy" assuming to be Sam.
  • Sam goes to town and meets Mr. Jacket

    When Sam goes to town, he meets a new friend: Mr. Jacket. He invites him to go to Gribley farm, but then Sam forgets to pile up wood.
  • Sam piles up wood

    The next day Sam got up bright and early to pile up wood. He grabbed his axe and chopped down wood. He chopped down most of the wood from his tree.
  • Sam catches his third deer.

    Sam stays on top on the trees and sees if a hunter shot any deer. He has to be careful to hide it first before the hunter gets it. And that's how he got his third deer.
  • Sam's first snowstorm

    Sam stays at his tree home. He has been eating turtle soup, acorn pancakes, and all kinds of animals.
  • Article: Old woman

    Mrs. Fielder, the strawberry picker, talks about Sam in the article
  • The "Old woman" article

    Mrs. Fielder, the strawberry picker, talks about Sam in the article.
  • Sam wonders if Bando will come.

    Sam worries if Bando doesn't come for Christmas.
  • Bando comes

    Bando visits Sam for Christmas.
  • Bando and Mr. Gribley spends Christmas time with Sam

    Bando and Dad come for Christmas. Bando and Mr. Gribley finally meet.
  • Dad comes

    He comes to spend time with Sam and meets Bando for the first time
  • Dad meets Frightful

    On the day after Christmas, Mr. Gribley met frightful. He was suprised when Frightful winged down from the hemlock tree. He tried petting her, but Frightful snagged him with her talons.
  • Dad leaves

    Mr. Gribley promised his wife that he must only stay for Christmas time. So he decides to leave.
  • Sam finds an owl

    Sam finds an owl pellet near a tree and get curious. When he looked around, he noticed a great horned owl up in a tree.
  • Sam feels tired

    Toward the end of January, Sam began to feel tired. He was lacking vitamin C. So he grabbed fruit and hunted animals to get it.
  • Sam spots deer and thinks about his descendants

    When Sam spots hungry deer, he thinks about they move and the time they sleep. And thinks about his children's children's children and his his family years from now
  • Sam thinks the owl has eggs

    Sam is thinking the great horned owl might have eggs. He is going up to the tree a couple days from now
  • The owl does have eggs

    Whem Sam climbed up the tree, he noticed there were eggs! There were eggs in the cavity of the tree
  • Sam gathers syrup

    At the end of February, Sam sees the sap from the maple trees beggining to run. He got some sap and boiled them down to syrup. He found out it takes a lot of sap to make one cup of syrup. Thirty-two cups of sap, to be exact.
  • Sam meets Matt Spell

    Sam meets Matt. Matt wants to be a reporter, so he tries to get a story about the "wild boy". So he asks Sam questions. Sam tried to catch Matt off track, so he made up lies. But all along he knew that Sam was the wild boy. But he promised Sam to not tell if he spends his spring vacation with him. So they plan to meet up at April 12th. (Exact date unknown)
  • Middle of March

    By the middle of March, Sam saw the animals. In the book he says, "I could have told you it was spring without looking". There was a lot of animal activity. Jessie C. James got some fish for her babies, Baron Weasel was eating salamder and frogs, the chickadees sang alone, not in a group. And some skunks and foxes found food more abundant than in Sam's tree house. (Exact date unknown).
  • Sam meets Aaron

    A man was hiking along the of the gorge one day. His name was Aaron. Sam taught him some songs he would sing after his bath. They sang all day. They also hummed. They grew into friends. (Exact date unknown).
  • Sam spends time with Matt

    Sam spends time with Matt. They talk about why Sam ran away. They also ate. Matt even said it was beat meal he ever ate. They were fishing, hunting, etc.
  • Bando meets Matt

    When Bando came that day, they had fun. That night, Sam and Bando played their reed whistles to Matt, by an outdoor fire. Bando and Matt also decided to make a guest house out of one of the trees. Sam said yes, but he knew that meant he wasn't a runaway anymore. (Exact date unknown)
  • Photographers came

    On this day Sam was just hanging out, but a photographer came and took pictures of Sam. There were also reporters too. His heart raised at that time. They also asked questions. But Sam only said a little.
  • Sam's family came.

    When Sam saw his dad com to his way. he was all excited. But when he heard other voices, he thought there were people who were going to get him and bring him home. But then he realized that dad had brought the family. When Sam soon learned he had to come home, he was stunned
  • Dad builds a house

    Sam's mother wants Sam to have a decent home. So Sam's dad starts to build a new house.