My life timeline

  • Turn of the century: social

    people get together, and party like its 1999 bringing in a new age for the world in the new millenium
  • Attacks on the Twin Towers: USA

    These attacks shape the world today, over 3000 people died but today we have fought a war and tightened international security.
  • Euro starts Circulation: Eurpoe

    This move slowly allows europe to become more united< the changing of countrys is less noticed.
  • US invasion of Iraq: Political

    This shows US involment in cournter-terrorism actions shaping conflict for the next few years
  • Mars Rover Launched: Technological

    This shows the technonogy wehave to put a robot on another planet
  • Facebook Launched: Social

    This would connect people like never beforeallowing cultral diffusion to happen more.
  • YouTube Launched: Social

    Now another way to conect is made, we can litereally see anything we want to in a matter of seconds.
  • Period: to

    Hurricane Katrina: USA

    This hurricane knocked out many parts of lousiana and other gulf coast states causing so much destuction as one of the worst hurricanes of all time.
  • Twitter Launched: Social

    This not only is social media but also helps fighters in arab spring revolutions.
  • Montenegro Independance: Europe

    This adds another chapter to the history of the balkins shoing independance along ethinc ties.
  • Pluto made a drarf planet: Technological

    This shows how we have grown chinging how we alll think now about astronomy
  • North Korea nuclear Test: Asia

    This creates fear in the rest of the world of a nuclear attack from this nation
  • Saddam Hussein Executed: Political

    This helps the involvement on the war on terror creating nationalism and helping a puch for bin laden.
  • Great recession: economic

    the stock market begana decline 50% over two years puttong americans through hard times with no warning.
  • Obama takes office: Political

    This ellection shows how the cc=race issue in the USA is starting to recede.
  • US Stimuls plan: Economic

    this plan worth millions of dollars went to improving the economy
  • Apple 10 billion songs: Arts

    todays arts have become more acessible with the internet this shows how this art is more acessible than any other time
  • North Korea shells south Korea: Asia

    This act kills 4 south koreans and puts the relationship between the two countrys in a very tense spot
  • Arab spring revolutions: Africa

    A tusnian man sets himself on fire starting the arab spring revolutions overthrowing many governments
  • Japan Earth Quake: Asia

    This eatch quake damages many homes, creates a tsunami and Nuclear fall out from a damaged reactor, one of the mowst devasting events of all time.
  • Royal Wedding: Social

    The British prince married his wife creating a large intrest in the royal family in the US and UK
  • Osama Bin Laden Killed: Political

    Again justifing US involvement in the Middle East the manresponsible for 9/11 is killed
  • North Korea Power Change: Asia

    This bi=rings in a newera for the communist nation creation fright in the USA of a nuclear attack
  • The Scream: Arts

    The scream sells for 120 million a record for art
  • Diamond Jublilee: social

    The queen of england had reigned on the throne for 60 years creating again a large intrest in the royal family
  • South Sudan becoms Independant: Africa

    This ends the logest civil war in africa
  • Myan Clander ends: social

    This dispelles the centurys old belief that the world would end on this date
  • Muslim Attack in London: Europe

    Two muslim men attack a soldier saying it is payback for muslims killed in war. a clear terroist attack in a free nation.
  • Same Sex Marrige legailized in Britian: Europe

    This creates an equality never before seen in britian
  • Russia TAkes over Ukraine: Asia

    This event shows the cold war is not over and russian control is still a hotly contested thing. This will dominate talks between superpowers
  • Yasser Arafats death: Europe

    In a Hospitol near Paris this leader dies creating turmoil in the middle east