My Life & The Government (:

Timeline created by jordyn.nelson
  • I was born!

    Jordyn Nicole Nelson - July 20th, 1995
    I was also adopted by two loving parents.
  • Bill Clinton is President

  • Went to Minnesota to meet my aunt and uncle

  • Bill Clinton was re-elected

  • Moved into the house my dad built.

  • Clinton banned any funding to human cloning

  • Said the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time!

  • Began Pre-School at Mt. Pleasant Pre-School!

  • Started Tumbling for Acros!

  • Dennis Hastert of Illinois becomes Speaker of the House

  • George W. Bush was elected as president

  • Osama Bin Laden threatens to "strike the U.S."

  • Started Kindegarten (:

  • 9/11

  • Bush Signs the Patriot Act.

  • No Child Left Behind Act is established

  • George W. Bush is re-elected

  • Bush nominates Judge John G. Roberts Chief Justice

    to the United States Supreme Court
  • Played Girl's Basketball for school

  • America's first black president, Barrack Obama is elected

  • Obama introduces new healthcare bill

  • Graduated Middle School

  • Started High School

  • U.S. Navy SEALS take out Osama Bin Laden!

  • Came to Connections Academy (:

  • Obama is re-elected

  • Period: to

    Federal Government Shutdown