My Life In Dog Years, Gary Paulsen, Non fiction, 137

By Big man
  • My Life In Dog years

    At the begining he talks about how he was a dog sled racer and how his lead dog was a female named Cookie, Cookie saved his life one day when he feel through and she pulled him out.
    The next dog he got was snowball when he moved, she would care of him, but later died from a car hitting her.
  • My Life in dog years

    his parents would never be home so he could do anything he wanted and he would hunt. He would go out alone, and one day he was in the forest and a dog came to him, The dog would meet him there everyday to go hunt and they became friends. then one day he dissapeared and never came back.
  • My life in dog years

    The next dog he came apon when he was walking home from his late night shift at the bowling alley, was mean and would growl. So he was scared and threw him a hamburger and ran away from the dog, on the walk he meet the bad kids that always steal his money and beat him, but as soon as they started Dirk came and protected him. Later on Dirk was given to a s farmer to protect the sheep.
  • my life as a dog

    When he finally left the town he moved to the farms and needed a good dog, he got from the other farmer a dog named rex. He was a strange dog but a great farm dog because he would watch over every animal and make sure they dont get hurt. Then when the kids came over he would always be watching over the kids.
  • my life in dog years

    He was reading in the paper and someone was giving away a dog named ceaser and so he adopted him and took him home to his wife and daughter. He was a huge dog and destroyed everything, one day he took the mall man out and licked his face, but he loved hot dogs and one day at a picnic the kids were feeding him hot dogs and they played soft ball with him as an outfielder
  • my life in dog years

    One day when he was in twon he was aproched by a small boy and had a dog that was a wierd breed and asked if he wanted it. He took him hom and fred the dog ripped up everything, he was friends with this pig and they would eat all of the food they grew. So he put an electric fence around the pig and Fred ripped right through it and never tried to do it again.
  • my life in dog years

    HE went back to dog racing and he got a husky that was to slow so he couldnt use him so he would just train him tell one day he went to a ladies house and they traded dogs, the new dog was the wifes dog sense it was a small dog. The garden they had always was getting raded by bears and one day the wife was in the garden and a bear came, Quincy the dog jumped and the bear and the wife ripped him away and the bear never came back.
  • my life in dog years

    Josh is the dog he owns now, he is a racing dog, he takes care of the farm, and he a protecter of the family. he is old and has been in the family for a long time