My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Sam has serious talk with his father

    Sam has serious talk with his father
    Sam has a serious talk with his father because he told him that he wants to go to war because he's tired of being ruled.
  • Sam Goes to Tom warrups hut

    Sam Goes to Tom warrups hut
    Sam goes to Tom Warrups hut because Life Meeker kicked him out of the house and he has no where to stay.
  • Brown Bess situation

    Brown Bess situation
    Sam stole the Brown Bess because he did not have any money to buy a gun for the war so he intentionally stole the gun from his father that he uses for protection.
  • when sam comes home.

    when sam comes home.
    A year later after Sam got kicked out of the house Tim is wondering when he is coming home because he really wants to see him.
  • Tom warrups

    Tom warrups
    Tom Warrups tells Tim were Sam is because Tim is worried that he didn't make it through the war.
  • Tim

    Tim sneaks behind his fathers back and goes to Tom Warrups hut and he runs into Betsy Read.He saw Sam and Betsy Read holding hands.
  • tim

    After Life Meeker said Tim couldn't send the letters Tim still went to go send the letters because when Sam comes back from war he wants to tell him what he did when Sam was at war.
  • Betsy Read

    Betsy Read
    On the way to Fairfield wile Tim Meeker went to go send the letters and he ran into Betsy Read.When he ran into Betsy Read she was asking were he was going,but he refused to tell her.She saw him with papers in his hand and asked if you are doing a job for Mr Heron,but he still did'nt answer her.After harassing Tim Meeker for the past ten minutes Betsy Read ripped the papers out of his hands and then she ran away.
  • mr heron

    mr heron
    Years after Tim visited Sam at Tom Warrups hut Mr.Heron came to the tavern and asked Life Meeker if Tim can deliver some buisness letters, but Life Meeker refused to let him go because he already lost one son.
  • Rebels

    On a snowy day after Sam took the Brown Bess the Rebels came to the tavern and tried to get the Brown Bess from Life Meeker,but he didn't have it.He tried to tell them that but they didn't believe him.So they took their swords and slashed him in the stomach.Tim tried to save him by getting the Brown Bess back from Sam at Tom Warrups hut.After he had the gun in his hand he was going to bring it to the Rebels,but Sam took it back from him.Then the Rebels left.
  • cowboys

    While Tim and Life Meeker went to Verplancks to get some supplies they ran into some cowboys.The cowboys beat up Life Meeker and father told Tim to run away and go get some help.
  • Tim

    Father went to jail because he was selling food to people to bring to the British,so the cowboys arrested father.Tim was trying to find him by following the cowboys footsteps and the horses footsteps.
  • Tim

    Years after Life Meeker went to jail Mrs.Meeker found out that father had been dead for four months.Mother was trying to send some letters to Sam so he can know that father had died.
  • Sam

    After father had died Sam came back home.He hugged Tim and mother because he hasn't seen them in a long time.Tim and mother wanted him to stay but he said no because he couldn't abandon his troop.
  • Cattle thief

    Cattle thief
    Sam went to jail because some of his partners were trying to steel some cattle and Sam was trying to stop them so the two men beat sam up,and when they got caught his partners blamed the whole thing on Sam.Sam had to be killed because his troop arent aloud to steel food from anybody.
  • Sam dies

    Sam dies
    Sam had to be killed in front of everybody in public but mother didn't want to go see Sam get shot.Tim tried to save him before he died but he couldn't.Sam was brought out in public with a bag over his head and got shot.He got shot two times then he died.
  • Tim

    Years and years later after Sam had died he and mother sold the tavern then they moved to Pennsylvannia,and Tim got married and had kids.