my brother Sam is dead

  • The Story Begins

    The Story Begins
    The story begins right after the Battle of Lexington and Concord. This battle started the revolution. This is when Sam omes home wih his new uniform, ready to go off to war.
  • Period: to

    My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Off to war and choosing sides

    Sam runs off to join he war with teh Brown Bess that he stole from his father. This makes Tim feel like he has to choose sides. Either Sam and the Patriots or father and the Loyalists.
  • Letters to deliver

    Letters to deliver
    Tim decides to deliever the letter for Mr.heron even though his father told hm he wasn't aloud. In the epiloge it is written that Mr.Heron is real and he was most likly a double agent. Like shown in the book.
  • The Trip Back

    The Trip Back
    On the trip back from Verplancks Point father is ambushed. A group of cowboys captured him.
  • Trial

    This was the day of Sam's trial. He loses the trial due to them believing the thieves instead. Also him being there was considered desertion, so he was in trouble anyway. He's set to be exicuted. This i also the same day the Treaty of Alliance was signed. This gave the Patriots French aid in the war.
  • Thief?

    Sam returns home for a little while to visit. He's not suppose to be home because it is considered desertion. While him and Tim are ear the barn they find two patriots trying to steal their cattle. Sam goes after them. In the end Sam gets accused for stealing his own family's cattle and is taken in.
  • Exacution

    Sam is ecacuted for a crime he did not commit. Along side him to be exacuted were the two actual cattle thieves. Sam was shot twice, until he finally died.