• Surprise

    Sam comes home in his Patriot uniform. He has an argument with his father about him leaving college to join the war. Sam has come home to steal the Brown Bess so he will be able to fight.
  • You are crazy

    Sam and his brother Tim are in the barn and Sam says he can not milk Aunt Pru because he does not want to get his uniform dirty. Sam tells Tim that he is going to steal thte Brown Bess , and makes Tim swear on his honor that he would not tell anyone.
  • Oh no

    Tim goes to bed after milking Aunt Pru. He wakes up to Sam and his Father arguing because Sam was trying to get hold of the gun. Sam's father told him to get out of his house and not to come back until he is out of his uniform. Sam runs away and Mr. Meeker starts crying.
  • Period: to

    My Brother Sam Is Dead

  • Tom Warrups

    After church Tom Warrups an Indian tells Tim he knows where Sam is. Tim is told that Sam is at Tom Warrup's hut. When Tim gets to the tavern he makes an excuse so he can go to see Sam.
  • Tim sees Sam

    When Tim gets to the hut he sees Sam and his girlfriend Bettsy Read. They have a conversation about Tim being a Loyalist or a Patriot. Tim is not sure which one he is.
  • Failed Delivery

    When Tim is given a letter from Mr. Heron he is supposed to deliver it. He does not deliver it and is scared to approach Mr. Heron.
  • A trip to Verplanks Point

    Tim goes with father to deliver cattle. Along the way they encounter rebels. The rebels hurt Tim's father, but they let him live.The rebels are scared off by a group of cowboys. Tim's father checks to see if the way is clear and signals to Tim that it is.
  • Stealing supplies

    im witnesses the British marching through Redding. When a messenger comes through, he quickly turns around and tries to run, but is shot. Tim is sent to go to Dr. Hobart's place. Along the way, he sees the British army attacking a group of rebels at Captain Starr's house. The British march in and kill everyone. Tim is disgusted to see Ned's head fall off his body
  • Sam is accused of stealing cattle

    Sam and Tim catch cattle thieves, but they capture Sam and accuse him of the act. He is sentenced to death.
  • Saving Sam

    In an attempt to save Sam, Tim runs to the British camp at night. He tries to kill a sleeping guard, but he wakes him up. The guard shoots at Tim and gives him a flesh wound. Tim runs away and throws the bayonette over the wall, but Sam was not there.
  • Sam Is now dead

    Today is Sam's execution. His mother does not wish to attend.
    Tim sees Sam get shot, lit on fire, and then shot again.