MP, Dear John By Nicholas Sparks, 272, Fiction

  • Chapters 1-2, Pages 1-29

    John was raised by his dad and he grew up poor and started to lose his friends as he got older because he was poor. He hated his dad because he couldn't be as cool as the other kids. Towards the end of high school he doesn't care anymore, does drugs, and gets in fights barely graduating. He does nothing with his life for a while before realizing he needs too. He joins the army, his dad and him still aren't close. On one of his breaks he meets Savanah. 1210
  • Chapters 2-3, Pages 29-65

    Savanah invites John to the party she is having with the other people at her college because they are here for a month to build houses for the poor. John meets Savanah's friend Tim and he tells John he thinks Savanah likes him. Over the next few days John hangs out with her, goes to church with her, and asks her out on a date. He didn't want to like a girl but he is really starting to like her because he can be honest with her. 1246
  • Chapters 3-5, Pages 65-85

    John realizes that he really is starting to like Savanah. They go on a date and they make easy conversation and he doesn't feel judged by her. After their date he is too nervous to kiss her. The next day he makes dinner for his dad trying to get him to talk to him and his dad says he wants to meet Savanah. The next night when he goes to get Savanah for another date she is with another guy but seems like it's just friends. John gets jealous. 1266
  • Chapters 5-12, Pages 85-135

    John takes Savanah out on another date and he takes her to meet his dad. Savanah makes her dad talk more than normal; John is impressed. They both realize they love each other and come to realization John is leaving in a week. Savanah buys him a book about Asbergers because she thinks John's dad has it, he freaks out. A couple days he appologizes and they are ok. Before he leaves to go back he promises he will marry her one day. 1316
  • Chapters 12-17, Pages 135-205

    When John comes back on his break from the military he spends two weeks with Savanah, meeting her parents and going together to spend time with his dad. While he's with her they fight a little bit but then get over it because it will only be 6 more months once he goes back to the army before he is released. He is really sad about leaving her again and is convinced that he will leave the army for good, then 9/11 happens. 1386
  • Chapters 17-22, Pages 205-278

    After 9/11 John re-enlists in the army to protect his country. Savanah writes him a letter saying that she loves him but can't be away from him this much anymore but she'll never forget him. John's dad dies. He later finds out Savanah and Tim are married but Tim has cancer and tells John to marry her when he dies, John sells his dads coin collection to get Tim treatment that works. He will always love Savanah. 1459