Mozart's life

  • Mozart is born

    Mozart was born in Salzburg
  • Baptism

    Mozart was baptized at his church
  • Period: to

    Childhood Perforamnces

    Mozart goes to many European centres including Paris and London. Wolfgang has already composed his first pieces, symphonies and sonatas.
  • Period: to

    Travel to Italy

    Leopold, Mozart's father, took him to Italy to show off his talent as a performer and emerging composer
  • Employment

    After Mozart returned from his travel to Italy, he was employed as a court musician by the ruler of Salzburg.
  • Period: to

    Violin Concertos

    During these months, Mozart wrote a series of five violin concertos (the only ones he ever wrote) that became very famous!
  • Leaves court

    Mozart became increasingly discontent with his job as a court musician, and finally left the job in August of 1777.
  • Search for employment

    Mozart ventures out in search for employment to Augsburg, Mannheim, Paris, and Munich.
  • Wedding

    Mozart married Constanze Weber, who was the daughter of the family that he lived with in Vienna.
  • became a Freemason

  • Period: to

    Return to Opera

    During the last few years of his life, Mozart wrote many operas.
  • Mozart's father died

    Mozart's father, who was his first teacher, and the reason he had a career passed away.
  • illness

    While in Prague, for the premiere of his opera La clamenza di Tito, Mozart became ill.
  • death

    Mozart died at 1:00 in the morning at his home.