money and banks

  • Period: to

    money and banks

  • american independence

    american independence
  • congress creates firsrt U.S bank

    privately owned
  • The Privately Owned Second Bank of the US was Chartered

    It Served as the Main Depository for Government Revenue, Making it a Highly Profitable Bank
  • Andrew Jackson Campaigns Against the 2nd Bank of the US and Vetoes Bank Charter Renewal

    Andrew Jackson was skeptical of the central banking system and believed it gave too few men too much power and caused inflation. He was also a proponent of gold and silver and an outspoken opponent of the 2nd National Bank. The Charter expired in 1836
  • president jakson issues stop of depiositing into bank of US

    money was changed to chartered banks
  • jakson escapes assasination

    missfired twice
  • manufactured boom created by central banks

    went from $150million to $267 million
  • deprresion

    343 of 850 banks closed or shutdown
  • american civil war

  • lincoln over rules debt based money and issues green back funds

    banks would only let certian loans go
  • lincoln assinated

  • james garfield staunch proponent of honest money

    garfield opposed fiat currencey
  • banking panic

    new york exchange dropped alot as people were panicing to get there money out of the banks
  • bankers meet seceratly and draft federal reserves banking legislation

    some of the nations most powerful people were storing money into the secret central banks
  • income tax

    citizens would make sure they paid there tax back to central banks
  • federal reserve act passes

  • federal banks open

  • black thursday stock market crashes

    worst stock market crasg in the world
  • great depression starts

  • kennedy issues silver certificates and threatens the banks

    currencey would bypass the governments need to borrow bankers interest
  • kennedy assinated

  • banks set loans on higher percents

    it contracts the market
  • Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression

  • 2010 – JP Morgan Chase Reports Record Profits

    The bank made a record profit of $17.4 Billion in 2010.