Moments When Someone Helps Katniss

By colep
  • Page 31 Peeta brings Katniss bread

    Katniss was starving because her family didn't have much money. She was rummaging through the trash behind Peeta's family's bakery, and Peeta's mother told her to leave. Peeta felt bad and purposly burned two loaves of bread so he could give it to Katniss.
  • Page 38 Madge gives Katniss the mockingjay pin

    Before the Hunger Games start, Madge gives Katniss her mockingjay pin to wear during the games. Tributes are only allowed to wear one thing from your district in the arena. The pin becomes very important furthur in the series.
  • Page 40 Gale agrees to help Katniss's mom and sister

    Gale and Katniss are talking before she goes off to the Hunger Games. He lets her know that he will protect Prim and Katniss's mom and make sure they have food.
  • Page 67 Cinna gives Katniss the flaming dress

    Cinna gives Katniss a dress that appears to be on fire for the opening ceremonies. The dress draws a lot of attention to Katniss which is good for sponsers. It gave her a good advantage.
  • Page 169 Haymitch doesn't send Katniss water.

    Katniss has fled the cornicopia and is in need of water. She is waiting for Haymitch to send her some, but it doesn't come. She become's paranoid and wonders why Haymitch won't send it, until she realizes it must mean she's close to water.
  • Page 185. Rue warns Katniss about the tracker jackers

    Katniss was climbing a tree when she saw Rue. Rue pointed a finger above Katniss to worn her of a tracker jacker nest. If Katniss disturbed the nest the tracker jackers would most likely kill her. The tracker jackers also turn into a good weapon for Katniss agaisnt the careers.
  • Page 188 Haymitch sends Katniss medicine for her burns

    Katniss had been burned pretty badly by a fire attack from the gamemakers. Haymitch sent her medicine for the burns which helped her recover well.
  • Page 238 District 11 sends Katniss a loaf of bread

    Rue, Katniss's friend from District 11 had just died. Katniss was devastated by the death. She had just finished singing to Rue when a package came. From the poor people of District 11 came a loaf of bread.
  • Page 288 Thresh spares Katniss

    Katniss was pinned downed by Clove in the cornicopia when Thresh came and killed Clove. Thresh spared Katniss for one time because of her friendship with Rue.
  • Page 336 Peeta helps Katniss kill Cato

    The last three tributes alive are Katniss, Cato, and Peeta. Cato grabbed Peeta so Katniss, armed with a bow and arrow, couldn't kill Cato without also killing Peeta. Peeta drew an X on Cato's hand, which Katniss immediately understood and sent an arrow straight through Cato's hand, causing Cato to fall off the horn.