Michael Jackson

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    Michael Jackson's birth.

    Michael Jackson was born in 1958 August the 29th
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    Music debut

    Michael Joseph Jackson made his debut aged 6 with his brothers:
    Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon as a member of the Jackson 5
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    Michael Jackson goes solo

    He started a solo carrer from 1971. He still sang with the Jackson 5 till 1975 when he left the band and started singing alone.
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    First official album.

    Thriller was his first album.
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    His first sponsorship deal/business carrer.

    He and his other brothers partnered with PepsiCo in a $5 million promotional deal that broke records for a celebrity endorsement.
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    His first wife.

    He married his first wife named Lisa Marie Presley.
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    His second wife.

    His second wife was named Debbie Rowe.
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    Michael Jackson's fatherhood

    His first child was Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. he was born in February the 13th in 1997. Hi first and only daughter Paris Jackson was born in April the 3rd 1998.
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    Michael Jackon's death.

    He lived an amazing life. He was one of the best musicians in the history of music. He is remembered as a music king. Sadly he died 50 years old, because of a cardiac arrest.