MF Doom: The Man Behind The Mask

  • Born & childhood

    Born & childhood
    Coming from London, and later moving to New York, Daniel Dumile's early stages in life were not were not easy to face, During gradeschool, he was given the nickname Doom after his last name Dumile (Doom-ee-lae). (Hess)
  • KMD and Unexpected Death

    KMD and Unexpected Death
    In his early twenties, Daniel formed his first musical group, KMD, with a few of his college friends as well as his brother (Coates). The band's focus of the group was to eventually have racial equality, something they were struggling with during the time. Daniel's name in the group was Zed Love X: his brother, DJ Subroc (Hess). The group got signed to Electra Records. May 10th 1993, KMD took a turn for the worst when Dumile's brother was killed while attempting to cross the interstate (Coates).
  • KMD and Unexpected Dead (continued)

    KMD and Unexpected Dead (continued)
    Daniels brother, Subroc was instantly killed when trying to cross the Interstate in New York. Heartbroken, Daniel thought he would never try to pursue any musical career again (Coates).
  • MF Doom Persona was Born

    MF Doom Persona was Born
    Red Bull Music Academy InterviewAfter the horrific accident in the family, Daniel eventually moved on to continuing his rap career in a different and unique style (Reed). "Dumile’s style is vibrant and freewheeling; he skates over the beat, undisturbed by guitar and piano riffs, sliding words into the empty spaces between the snare and the kick drums," (Coates). Doom's persona was based on the 1960's comic (and later 1970's cartoon superhero), Dr. Doom. His style was unique; he had a complex rhyme style, coupled with an
  • MF Doom Persona was Born (continued)

    MF Doom Persona was Born (continued)
    intelligent syntax. Daniel's poetry was about real-life experiences and topics that mattered to him. Having jazz and soul inspiration, Doom's style and performance was quickly admired and mimicked by new artists that followed (Fuertes-Knight),
  • The Wire

    The Wire
    MF Doom was featured in many magazines: one of which was The Wire. A magazine that specialized in comtemporary jazz, then later on moved into experimental music. He got the privilege to be the cover of the March 2005 issue. In the featured article, "Hua Hsu investigates the many personae of one of HipHop's most mysterious figures" (The Wire).
  • New Names and Collaborations (continued)

    New Names and Collaborations (continued)
    coming in 2015, DOOMSTARKS. Each composition with the artists were unique and different. Daniel was always open to exerimenting with new genres and styles or other artists (Hess).
  • New Names and Collaborations

    New Names and Collaborations
    As Doom became more popular, he was invited to collaborate with many artists such as: Thom York (Radiohead), Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan), Dangermouse (part of Gnarls Barkley), Jneiro Jarel, Bishop Nehru, and Madlib. When working with each talented artist, Doom and the worthy disciple combined to make their own name; making history with the music produced. The names went in the following order: MF Doom, King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Madvillain, Dangerdoom, DOOM, JJ Doom, Nehvariandoom, and
  • Wins MTV-U Woodie Award

    Wins MTV-U Woodie Award
    In late 2007, Doom won an MTV-U award for his album Madvilliany: a collaboration he composed with rapper and producer, Madlib. This was a great achievement for the aspired artists and a sign to further move on and keep striving to win awards and nominations in the future.