Mexcian Rebellion and Government

By 122708
  • Rubi Marquese

    He had achieved the rank of feild marshallon november 1 1764 He stayed in the capitial until he recived orders to leave
  • Nolan Philip

    In 1800 Governer Juan Baustista Izigidblidale ordered nolans arrest Nolan was the man creited for making the news
  • Agustus Magee

    He joined the United States Military Academy in1809.He was claimed to be one of the greastest young officers in the US army.In 1812 he crossed the sabine river. He died from an illness in 1813
  • Father Higaldo

    He ordered the arrests of native spainrds on Sepetember 16 1810.He was captured and shot as a rebelon July 31 or Agust 1 1811
  • Jose Gutierre De Lara

    He joined the United States on March 17 1811.But he finally arrived on December 17 1811. In 1812 he made plans for th liberation of Texas and Mexcio.on April 18 1812 they assembled and set out for texas
  • Dr.James Long

    He was the leader of the long exposition.He joined the US army in 1812.In 1817 he was associated with W.W.Walkerin the merchandice buisness.He went to Mexcio city in1822 and plead his case to auatin iduibide.On april 8 he was shot and killed by a gaurd
  • Battle of Medina

    The battle was fought between the republicists and the spanish royalists. It is known as one of the bloodiest battles fought on texas soil
  • Jean Laffite

    On Sepetember 12 1816 galvaston was declaired port of the mexcian repulbic. Then in1818 the krankawa indians attacked him. THen in1819 Galveston was given a new name campeche
  • Constutution of 1824

    This constution patternes the U.S constution. The church in1824 was supported by the nationial treasurary
  • State colonization law of 1825

    Mexcio adopted a similar federal system to the one that the United States has.The nationial law surrendered to the states authority
  • Mexcian Texas

    The republician document called for a constuitionial government and would grant powers to the states.They wanted farming and ranching wide spread.THey also said that slavery was to ambitious
  • Constuition of Cohalia and Texas

    Some of the former spanish proviences and texas states all became apart of Cohaila Texas. The constution was published on March 11 1827