Men's shoes 1950-2000

By Jlong88
  • 1950's look 1

    1950's look 1
    A classic/dressy kind of look nothing too much but enough to be stylish and make a statement that you were somebody of class. Very nice design and details
  • 1960's look 2

    1960's look 2
    Around this time period I believe the buckles started to get introduced into shoe designs. It gave a new look instead of the old fashioned and traditional shoelace finish, also notice the shine and curves around the soles and bottom of the shoe.
  • 1970's look 3

    1970's look 3
    Now you can clearly see the fashion trends starting to shift more towards the disco dancing era. Notice the heels on shoes now, it's a nice color and has neither shoelaces or buckles. Just a simple slide in shoe with the easy access of a house shoe in a sense, but with the style of a dress up shoe.
  • 1980's look 4

    1980's look 4
    This is around the time frame where sneakers started to become introduced into men's fashion. High top was a very popular one in the early 1980's and 90's and still to this day. Nike had a big impact and profited a lot off of this fashion trend.
  • 1990's look 5

    1990's look 5
    Also along with the high top shoe fashion trend was converse. This was another popular shoe brand around the 80's and 90's along with nike. Maybe worn with a pair of distressed blue jeans.