(MB) Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins, Fiction, [391 pages]

  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135)

    Peeta and Katniss have returned home from the Hunger Games, and settled into their new houses in the Victors’ Village in District 12, next to their mentor Haymitch. Peeta has kept a civilized distance from Katniss, of whom he still harbors feelings. Katniss returned home to find that Gale, her best friend, has emotionally distanced himself as well. Gale has been publicized in the media as Katniss’s cousin, to allay any potential rumors regarding their involvement
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED

    Katniss and Gale share one kiss upon her return home. President Snow from the Capitol pays a threatening visit to Katniss, and discloses his contempt for her behavior at the Hunger Games, believing she made the Capitol look foolish by her defiance. He warns her that it is her responsibility to quell any uprisings that may occur, and that she must convince everyone that she is madly in love with Peeta. The President wants Katniss to convince the people that their mutual decision to
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X2

    to commit suicide rather than fight each other was due to unwavering love, not defiance towards the government. He cautions her that he has the ability to hurt those she does love, including Gale. Before his departure, President Snow tells Katniss he is aware of her kiss with Gale. Haymitch makes Katniss well aware that the only option she has is to marry Peeta, and that she could do much worse. Katniss, who previously had opted to never marry, is devastated by the news.
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X3

    As Peeta and Katniss leave to visit the other districts for their victory tour, their first stop is District 11, home to the deceased Rue and Thresh. Peeta offers their district a significant monetary award, and Katniss offers her heartfelt gratitude to the families of both Rue and Thresh. As they are preparing to leave, a man begins the District 12 salute, which erupts throughout the stadium. Peacekeepers quickly ascend on the man, and he is executed for his insolence.
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X4

    As a revolt begins to break out in the auditorium, Peeta and Katniss are whisked away by their guardians. Katniss is sickened by the bloodshed, and believes that she has just unknowingly signed her own death warrant through her recklessness. Katniss reveals to Peeta that President Snow visited her, and discloses his ominous warning to her about suppressing potential uprisings. Peeta is furious at her omission, and states that Katniss should have told him of their grave circumstances CONTINUED
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X5

    prior to going on stage. Peeta is now concerned that his monetary gift may seem like an act of defiance to the President. Katniss apologizes, and they resume their victory tour. During a staged appearance, Peeta asks Katniss to marry him, to aid in their deception and please the Capitol. As they return home to District 12, Katniss visits Madge, the mayor’s daughter. While she is within their house, she sees news intended only for the mayor. An uprising has occurred in District 8,
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X6

    and the entire district has revolted against the government. Katniss begins to realize she is in grave danger. Katniss privately meets Gale in the woods and reveals their predicament. President Snow likely wants Peeta and Katniss executed; the only thing preventing President Snow from taking action against the victors is that the duo is beloved among the district residents, and it may provoke more rebellion. She urges Gale to run away with her. Gale delightfully accepts, and confesses CONTINUED
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X7

    his love for her. Katniss backpedals, and tells him that she is in no position to love anyone in her current situation. Extremely upset, Gale asks if Katniss is intending on also bringing Peeta along with them, to which she says yes. Gale tells Katniss he doesn’t intend on leaving District 12. Katniss meets up with Peeta, who agrees to run away with her to escape the authorities. As they walk into town, they are distracted by strange sounds coming from the square. To their horror,
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X8

    Gale is being violently whipped by the new Head Peacekeeper, who has replaced District 12’s friendly peacekeeper Clay. Katniss runs to protect him, and ends up catching a whip to the face. When the authorities realize that she is the victor from the Games, they let a badly injured Gale leave with Katniss and Peeta, with a dire warning. Gale convalesces at Katniss’s new home as a severe blizzard moves across District 12. CONTINUED
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X9

    During the next few days, District 12 is outfitted with new malicious peacekeepers who are punishing even minute offenses committed by the residents. The Hob (where people buy and trade goods) is burned to the ground, and a severe food shortage leaves the residents of District 12 starving. The coal mine has cut back on its allotted hours and wages for the miners, leaving the residents penniless and famished. The Capitol has begun an undeclared war on the district, due to Katniss’s
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X10

    insolence, as a warning to both Katniss and Peeta. While the district quickly falls into disarray, Katniss heads into the woods. There she finds a group of refugees from District 8, whose rebellion has been quelled by violent Peacekeepers. They are trying to make their way towards District 13, which Katniss has been told doesn’t exist. In her limited knowledge, the Capitol had previously destroyed the area and its inhabitants. The refugees insist that all the information relayed
  • Part I- Part II (pages 1-135) CONTINUED X11

    to other residents regarding District 13 has been a well-concocted and elaborate lie, and that the Capitol is hiding the real information regarding its inhabitants.
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  • Part II - Chapter 11 (pages: 136-150)

    The refugees have baked bread with the mockingjay crest, which Katniss is told is a symbol of the uprising. The mockingjay is the symbol Katniss wore during the Hunger Games in the form of a pin. Katniss shares her food with the refugees and heads back into town.When she reaches the previously unlit fence which separates the woods from the district, she realizes that it is now coursing with electricity that would render her dead immediately. (pages: 14) [total pages: 1,505]
  • Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 (pages 151-167)

    When she reaches the previously unlit fence which separates the woods from the district, she realizes that it is now coursing with electricity that would render her dead immediately. Katniss realizes her grave condition; she must make it home without being electrified. Katniss manages to scale a tall tree and make it over to the other side, but bruises her tailbone when she crashes to the ground. She also severely injures her foot, which she suspects is broken. CONTINUED
  • Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 (pages 151-167) CONTINUED

    Hobbling home, she is greeted by two Peacekeepers, who clearly know of her expedition into the woods and are surprised to see her alive. After interrogating her in the presence of her mother, Haymitch, and Peeta, the Peacekeepers take their leave. While she’s convalescing from her foot wound and under strong pain medicine, Katniss begins to question what the Capitol’s intentions are of keeping District 13 secret, if it does exist.
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