Max's Oh So Cool Timeline

By mkas
  • Japenese head to Hawaii

    About 30 Japanese warships, aircraft carriers, cruisers, battleships, a ton of supply vessels, and submarines headed for Hawaii. We were well aware that this might happen.
  • Period: to

    Pearl Harbor

  • Japanese planes

    The first wave of 184 Japanese planes took off from the Japanese aircraft carriers.
  • Japanese Attack

    In the morning at 6:15 a.m., the first wave of 184 Japanese planes took off from the Japanese aircraft carriers.
  • Japanese attack

    At 6:30 a.m., they opened fire fire on pearl harbor. We sank one of the 2-man midget submarines that were part of the Japanese attack force. So we were fighting back but they were still coming strong .
  • More Attacking

    Minutes later, radar operators on the north coast detected a ton planes coming in and sent the information into the center at Fort Shafter. The officer there assumed that they were the American B-17 bombers from California. The radar had actually detected the Japanese strike force.

    At 7:55 a.m., Japanese fighters and bombers began to swarm over the island headed right to Pearl Harbor. One hundred forty-five vessels of all kinds were docked at Pearl Harbor, from small boats to battleships. The Japanese hoped that United States aircraft carriers were also in port at the time of the attack but they tought wrong we were ready to attack hard.
  • Still Attacking

    So we had our Torpedo-bombers hold them off. As they were doing that we were getting destroyed by the Japanese "Kate" bombers. They were unloaded their deadly cargo all above us. Just killing our ships below.
  • The BOOM

    This all happened so fast. Only a few people were were able to aboard the ships, most of them were sleeping down below. Also all the men up on the deck couldn't fight back. All the guns were locked away and they couldn't get to them. AND BOOM. Explosions and the shouts of rescue crews filled the air. The powerful Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy was severely battered and dozens of mighty ships were sinking
  • The plane boming

    Nearly all of the U.S. air bases in Pearl Harbor were blown up. You could look around and see nothing but burning planes it was that bad. We were just about out of luck.
  • The end

    The Japanese attack ended at 9:45 a.m. In just one hour and forty-five minutes, a horrifying scene of death and destruction covered the island. Most of the ships were sunk or damaged. More than 2,300 army, navy, air force, and marine corps personnel were killed, 960 were missing, and over 1,200 were wounded. Of the 394 aircraft on the island, 188 of the army and navy aircraft had been completely destroyed and over 150 were severely damaged.