Mary Dudley Newman

  • 1803 John Dalton

    1803 John Dalton
    John Dalton, a british chemist and schoolteacher. He experimented with differnt substances. His outcome suggested that elements combined in certain proportions because the are made of single atoms. He came up with his own atomic heory in 1803, and his therory stated these ideas: all substances are made of atoms. -Atoms of the same elements are exactly alike.- atoms joined with other atoms to make new substances.
  • 1856 J.J. Thomson

    1856 J.J. Thomson
    J.J Thomso was a British phycist and a noble laureate. He discovered the electronand of istopes, and the invention of mass spectrometer. In 19o4 Thomson suggested that a sphere of positive matter in which electrons were positioned by electrical forces,. Thomson received honors for the work that he has done, including nobel prizes in physics in 1906 and nighthood in 1908.
  • 1909 Ernest Rutherford

    1909 Ernest Rutherford
    Ernest was born in New Zealand. He is a British chemist and a physicist. he was known as the father of Nuclear physics.He discovers the concepts of radioactive half-life, and he determind the structure of the atom. he canged on element to another [nitrogen and oxygen] by spliting a atoms nuclues.
  • 1911 Ernest Rutherford

    1911 Ernest Rutherford
    Rutherford came up with his own physical model for the subatomic structure. In the structure the atom is made up of central charges surronded by a clud of electrons.
  • 1913 Niel Bohr

    1913 Niel Bohr
    Niel bohr thought the atom was very small, and positivly charged nucules surrouned by electrons. This tought was off of Rutherfords atomic structure which was the atomic therory describing the atom as having a positive nucules.
  • 1926 Schrodinger and Heisenberg

     1926 Schrodinger and Heisenberg
    They aare both great founders of machanics. They both invented the mathmaticle formula of machanics.. Schrodinger's formulas were based on wave equations, and his were the most popular ones. Heisenburg'swere much more harder, his was based on the notation of quantum jumps.
  • 460 B.C Democritus

    460 B.C Democritus
    Democritus is a Greek philosopher.He came up with the idea that all matter contains atoms. He called the atoms atoma. He thought that aoms were made of a single material formed into differnt shapes and sizes.
  • 8384 B.C Aristotle

    8384 B.C Aristotle
    Aristotle was a phlosipher. He was so smart he was considered father of logic. He came up with classification of animals [ like a mammal]. He came up with many bodie organs such as kidneys urine, liver helping creat blood.