Martin Luther King Jr.

By grade5s
  • Born in Atlanta Georgia, 1929

    Born in Atlanta Georgia, 1929
    He was born when black people were treated differently as white people, so it was hard for him to live out with his family.
  • Graduates high school in age of 15

    He studied hard that he skipped 2 years of his school
  • Goes to Simbury Connecticut to work

    It was his First time to go to North and he was surprised that black and white people were treated the same manner. He was working in the tobacco field.
  • Goes to Morehouse college

    It was the same college that his dad attended and everyone was black and even the teachers were. At Morehouse college, he decides to help Black people.
  • Become a minister

    In age of 17, he decides to be a minister just like his teacher and next year, he becomes a minister. He works at his dad's church as an assistant.
  • Graduates college and goes to Crozer

    Graduates college in age of 19 and he goes to crozer Theological Seminary, a school of religion in Pennsylvania because he wanted to learn more.
  • Graduates crozer

    He was top student in his class but he still thought there is more to learn about helping people by protesting, so he moved to massachusetts to study at Boston University school of theology.
  • Becoming a minister

    Churches from New York and Massachusetts, wanted Martin to be their minister and when he was deciding, he got a letter from Montgomery, Alabama. They don't have a minister there, so Martin decides to work there.
  • Meets Coretta Scott

    In Boston, Martin meets Coretta who wants to be a singer and they knew they had same thoughts. To help black people. They decided to marry at Coretta's house in Marion, Alabama.
  • leads Montgomery bus boycott

    He started leading the bus boycott in Montgomery
  • Goes to jail

    His family moves to Atlanta, Georgia and he gets arrested in jail by going to whites only sit-in.
  • Speech "I have a dream"

    He had a speech and he became famous.
  • Nobel prize

    He awarded Nobel peace prize after the speech.
  • He leads a march

    He leads a march in Atlanta about voting rights for blacks
  • Martin's death

    His daughter dies on 2006 and Martin was assasined by a white guy called James Earl Ray. Ray goes to jail.