Mark twain title

Mark Twain

  • About Mark

    Mark Twains real names was Samuel Langhorn Clemens. He was the sixth out of seven kids and he was born 2 months premature. He was born on the night of Haleys Comet.
  • Father

    John Clemens, he was a merchant, lawyer, and slave owner.
  • Mother

    Jane Clemens was a presbeterian, loved dancing and music.
  • Born

    Mark Twain was born in Monroe County Florida.
  • Interesting Facts About Twain

    Interesting Facts About Twain
    Known as the funniest man on Earth, he could entertain any audience. He was a natural born writer and storyteller. He also spoke the voice of the American people.
  • Twains Motto

    He said "I am not an American, I am the American."
  • Moving Around

    Clemens moved to Hanibal, Mississippi.
  • Growing Up

    There were 100 people in the village Twain grew up in. He lived in a thousand places but only called two places home, Missouri and Connecticut.
  • Jobs Growing Up

    Twain worked as a printers apprentice when he was growing up. He wrote newspaper stories, plays, autobiographies, poems and books.
  • Marks Friends

    Twains best friend was the son of the town drunk, his name was Tom Blankenship.
  • Marks Mischief

    Tom and Mark would sneak out at night and signal each other with sounds.
  • Father Dies

    John Clemens dies of pneumonia.
  • Pilot License

    Mark gets his pilots license and starts to make 250 dollars a month.
  • Diseases and Death

    Diseases and Death
    Marks brother and sister died of childhood diseases, Mark convinced his brother to join him on a ship and his brother ended up dying when his ship burned up.
  • Mother Dies

    Jane dies of natural causes.
  • Twains Accomplishments

    Twains Accomplishments
    He had completed 10 novels, along with many other books that were never published.
  • Mark Dies

    Mark dies of old age.