Marilyn Manson

  • Birthday

    January 5th 1969, Brian Hugh Warner was born to Brab Wyer and Hugh Warner in Canton Ohio,.Brain was the only child born between the two.
  • Grandpa

    Age 9, Brian goes into his grandpa's basement with his cousin for the first time were he finds his grandfather's sexual fetishes.Things like bestiality, graphic pictures of women, old rape kits as well as other sexual objects. Later it was one of the biggest influences for his album covers, songs and out looks on life in general. He would later tell rolling stone it was his frist real look into reality.
  • Mark

    Age 11, Brian was being sexualy assaulted by a nieghbor a few years older than him. Once the boy's parents were told about what he had been doing he was sent away to a boot camp, when he came back he killed Brians dog Aleusha, along with picking on him for years to come.
  • School

    Went to Hertage Christian Scool, were he was beat by the nuns as well as scared everyday of the lessons they were being taught about the world ending. ( This is what started his hate for the god, chruch and religion in general, the school was later closed for these reasons.)
  • School

    In grade 8 he had decided that he had enough of the christian school and started doing thing to get kicked out. Started with selling candy, that was not allowed in school.Ended with sellinng homemade magazines full of dirty jokes and sexual pictures.
  • High School

    High School
  • Grade 9

    Grade 9
  • Girlfriend

    Meet his first girlfriend Jennifer at age 15, her old boyfriend punched him when he seen them sitting at a roller rink. A result in this hit was TJS ( temponomandbular joint syndrome) to this day still gives him headaches and a sore jaw.
  • Black magic

    Black magic
  • John

    Started in on his heavy drinking and drug use on the weekends with john. One weekend John and his older brother showed him a house were they did their animal slaughter for the black magic. After this night he became a member of the house, never killing but watching.
  • Dad

    At age 17 started hating his father after he gave him a personalized book with his name spelt wrong in it, Father also started beating him with a belt. His father blamed it on post vietnan was stress disorder. He became a mama's boy at this point. After age 19 he would never speak to his father again.
  • Graduated

  • Mom

  • Story

    With bad depression, no friends and upset all around him he started writing short stories, with one being published in a small journal called 'The writers block 'the story was called moon on the water about an alcoholic and his cat. After having a story published he became a very confident in writing. Writing soon became his ecaspe when he was upset.
  • Collage

  • Magazine

  • The start

    The start
  • The Band

    The Band
  • Frist show

    Frist show
    Changing their first names to iconic sex symbols and their last names to iconic serial killers ( this shoewed the good and evil side to everything in life.) They took stage as Marilyn Manson, Ovilia Newton- Bundy and Dasily Berkowitz. Played their first show at Chruch Hill Hide- A- Way. Around 20 people showed up to hear them play.
  • Better band

    Better band
  • First show

    First show
    First show the full band marilyn manson and the spooky kids played together was at the Reunion Room, they lied and said they were a big time band and demanded 500 dollars to play. It was during this show that he meet his frist girlfriend Teresa, she waited after the show and talked her way into going back with the band to Freds house.
  • Nacy

  • Pogo

  • Murder

  • New Name

    New Name
  • Nine inch nails.

    Nine inch nails.
  • Brad

  • Frist Album

    Frist Album
  • Look Over

    Look Over
  • Satanist

  • Jaiil

  • New Drumer

    New Drumer
  • Danzig Spring

    Danzig Spring
  • Cemetery

  • Baby

  • Anitchrist Superstar

    Anitchrist Superstar
  • Beautiful People

    Beautiful People
  • Dead To The World

    Dead To The World