Many famous discoveries inventions were created by accident.

  • Dynamite

    While Nobel was in Paris, he began to experiment with nitroglycerin, and eventually he accidentally found a way to tame the substance by mixing it with kieselguhr
  • Chewing gum

    Thomas Adams was experimenting with chicle, the sap from a South American tre, he was looking for a substitute for rubber. After many failures, the disappointed inventor was working when he put a piece into his mouth and he liked it!
  • The first artificial sweetener

    Fahlberg came to the conclusion that the sugariness was caused by the reaction of o-sulfobenzoic acid with phosphorus (V) chloride and ammonia to create saccharin.
  • The microwave

    He was experimenting by aiming the tube to other items, such as eggs and popcorn grains. He concluded that the microwave energy was affecting the objects.