Malcolm X Life

  • Born

    Born in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Earl Miller was killed

    His dad, Earl Miller, was killed. The police deemed it an accident, but Malcolm X was convinced that the KKK was behind his death.
  • Introduced to NOI

    Introduced to NOI
    Four of his siblings who had already converted to Islam, introduced Malcolm to the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), Elijah Muhammad.
  • Out of Jail

    Out of Jail
    Malcolm is released from jail on parole. He joins the NOI immediately. He rejects the last name, "little", which was given to his family as a slave name. He replaces it with X to symbolize his lost heritage. He begins a recruiting campaign for the NOI and membership begins to soar.
  • Early NOI Impact

    Malcolm X was appointed assistant minister of the NOI after he tripled the membership of the Detroit temple in less than a year.
  • Boston Minister

    Boston Minister
    Malcolm was sent to Boston to server as the 1st minister in the temple there.
  • First Major Media

    First Major Media
    Johnson Hinton, a member of the New York temple was beaten by Police. Malcolm joined a group of muslims to protest and demand that he receive medical attention and eventually he is taken by an ambulance. Malcolm disperses the crowd and the media coverage from the event brought him a lot of attention. This makes the FBI consider him a key figure which allows the FBI to watch Malcolm more closely. Police harassment on his family increases after the event.
  • Becomes National Representative

    Elijah Muhammad moves from Chicago to Phoenix for health reasons. He appoints Malcolm X as the National Representative for the Nation of Islam. He was increasingly asked to lecture on college campuses.
  • Elijah Muhammad

    Elijah Muhammad
    Malcolm X confirms that Elijah Muhammad committed adultery with at least 3 other women. This is strictly against the code of the NOI.
  • Autobiography

    He began working on his autobiography with an author in Harlem. He would go for a few hours each week and talk about his life. It took him a while, but he eventually opened up.
  • Confrontation

    Malcolm flies to Phoenix to confront Elijah about the adultery. He is accused of only making the situation worse and Malcolm writes an apology letter. The relationship between them continues to get worse.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    'Malcolm claims the demonstration was "run by whites in front of a statue of a president who has been dead for a hundred years and who didn't like us when he was alive."'
  • JFK

    Malcolm X commented on the assassination of John F. Kennedy when he was asked not to. Elijah silences him for 90 days, no teaching or talking to the press.
  • Removed from NOI positions

    When Malcolm orders that Elijah stop the adultery and make up for it, he is removed from his leadership positions in the NOI.
  • Indefinite suspension

    Malcolm is suspended indefinitely by the NOI and plans to form the Muslim Mosque Inc.
    During this time, he predicts that muslim leaders will murder him.
    He observes a filibuster in the Senate over the Civil Rights Bill. Here he meets Martin Luther King Jr. and the only picture taken of the two of them together is taken there.
  • "Ballot or Bullet"

    "Ballot or Bullet"
    Malcolm X gave this speech twice. He criticizes the Civil Rights movement for not being more forceful. He also talks about the coming election and how neither parties are going to keep their promises or help black people. He declared that if nothing came of this election, a revolution may be necessary.
  • Threatened

    The Nation of Islam began eviction proceedings against him and his life is threatened. He retaliates by publicly calling out Elijah for adultery.
    He forms the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU). He spent 5 months in Africa visiting the heads of state and lobbying for his UN plan.
  • Selma

    Malcolm speaks in Selma, Alabama with an invitation from the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
  • Assassinated

    Malcolm X is assassinated while speaking at an OAAU rally in Harlem. Three members were convicted for his assassination.